Pickleball News – 20191223 – Archived Version

Pickleball News – 20191223– Archived Version


This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!

December 23, 2019

Hello N. Phoenix Area Pickleball Players:

We are nearing the heart of the winter holiday season and I hope you have plans to share time with family and friends and perhaps some pickleball!

Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department
********** 2020 Winter/Spring Pickleball Schedule **********

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has published the winter/spring pickleball schedule for the Community Center and Parks.

To download a color PDF copy of the Winter/Spring 2020, Phoenix Community Center Pickleball Schedule, click HERE!

NOTE – The gymnasium floor at the Goelet A. C. Beuf Community Center is still being repaired and thus it is not open for pickleball at this time. The target completion date is sometime in January and at that time, a revised schedule will probably be issued.


********** USAPA 2020 Rulebook & Revisions **********

USPA Pickleball Rulebook Revisions – Thanks to Mark Renneson and Third Shot Sports, a digital copy of the 2020 USAPA Pickleball 2020 Official Rulebook can be downloaded.

Perhaps more valuable to many players, Third Shot Sports has also published a list of revisions to the old rules. You can download a copy HERE -> Major USAPA Pickleball rule Changes for 2020.


********** Pickleball Ornaments **********

Yes, you can make Christmas Ornaments with pickleballs and related materials.

picture Via


********** Holiday Pickleball Closings **********

Check previous newsletter HERE for information about indoor PB venues holiday hours and closings!


Weather have you down?
********** Watch a Pickleball Video **********

If you can’t get out and play, but want some entertaining pickleball, you can check out this match on Pickleball Central!

PRO Men’s Doubles Play-In Match from the 2019 Franklin Pickleball Masters!

From the video website:

Today we are bringing you one of those matches. On one side is the team of Jeff Warnick and Riley Newman, and across the net, their opponents Dave Weinbach and Steve Deakin. Both teams want their shot at the Gold, but only one can walk away the winner. Who will it be? Watch the match to find out.



Start the New Year
********** as a USAPA Member **********
Support your Sport – Join the USAPA $20 for 1 Year

Join the USAPA – Click HERE for More Information


Join the USAPA

Picture Courtesy of Pickleball Magazine and the USAPA


********** That’s All for Now **********


I hope to see you on the courts!


Jeff Ross

A Sports Legacy for North Phoenix

Legacy Sports Arena Opening Sign

New ground has recently been broken in North Phoenix, both figuratively and literally. Just a short distance from the intersection of I-17 and Route 303, construction of the Legacy Sports Arena has begun as part of the Gateway Community.

Legacy groundbreaking ceremony

Cave Creek resident Robert Eaton and his team are working hard to complete an ambitious and profoundly different sports facility with an anticipated opening scheduled for the Fall of 2020. The plans call for two NHL-sized hockey rinks with the latest LED technology employed via glass flooring that can provide lighted boundary lines for basketball courts, dodgeball, soccer, lacrosse and for the fastest growing sport in the United States and Canada…a dozen pickleball courts!

Construction starting at the Legacy Sports Complex

As Rob pointed out during the groundbreaking ceremony, the name Legacy is a tribute to families and family traditions. The name also acknowledges the contributions of active and veteran military members and first-responders and the playing surfaces will be named to honor them.

Rob Eaton detailing the Sports Arena at the groundbreaking

The design was developed to bring the best experiences to both players and sports fans via open space viewing throughout the facility. The arena will incorporate some of the latest developments in green energy with both passive and active low-energy designs part of which will include rooftop solar panels generating electricity year round.

The Legacy Sports Arena portends to be one of the nicest sports facilities in the area and perhaps nation-wide with a restaurant, gymnasium, concession venue, artificial ice rink and other sports resources upstairs.

Drawing of the Legacy Sports Complex

The Legacy sports building would be innovative as a stand alone project, but Rob Eaton and the designers had more than that in mind when they created a vision for a destination facility. Hoping to attract tournament play, conventions, family vacationers and special events, in addition to the 170,000+ square foot sports arena, there will also be a hotel conceived specifically for players and spectators.

Drawing of the Legacy Hotel and Sports Arena

The lodging will incorporate larger team rooms and special amenities via available suites for team members as well as rooms for sports oriented families and guests.

Everyone who enjoys watching or playing sports should be excited about the future of the Legacy Sports Project. Congratulations to everyone involved for creating such a strong vision that will provide wonderful opportunities for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Best wishes for much success!


Follow the News and Development of Legacy Sports Arena

Legacy News and Updates

View the Sports and Target Age Groups

Legacy Sports Arena Logo


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Hail to the Desert – Rare Winter Weather

This has been a very cold and unusual February for our North Phoenix area. We have had many inches of rain and today, during a storm, hail and sleet covered the ground. The saguaro cactus and desert plants did not “know what hit them.” In our nearly dozen years in this location this is only the second time we have had hail or snow on the ground.

You can see the hail coming down in the two pictures of the yard. The size and density of the pellets are most clearly visible in the shot of the darker landscape rocks

Hail in the Sonoran Desert landscape

Hail in the Sonoran Desert landscape rocks

Hail in the Sonoran Desert landscape


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Pickleball: N. Phoenix, Paseo Highlands Revisited

You may recall that on July 11, 2017, I posted a story about new courts being constructed at the Paseo Highlands Park in North Phoenix. I am happy to report that they started construction and because of the relatively mild winter, it seems to me that they are making excellent progress.

I am not an engineer and I know very little about construction so any comments made here are from my unitiated point of view.

As you will note, there is a lot of heavy construction equipment at the construction site.

Heavy equipment at the construction site

There was an opening in the fence so I could get a clear shot of the land that has been cleared and is awaiting some material for underlayment/grading.

Land clearing and leveling

This is taken from the same general area looking toward the north.

Looking north toward the community center

(Below) On two of the courts substrata of crushed stone was placed on top of the dirt and it was being leveled. Rebar and levels were being carefully employed.

substrata was being leveled

This is another shot of the preparation on that same set of courts.

Another photo of the preparation of the substrata

I was at the site about 8:20 AM so there were trucks and workers coming and going as the work day was getting into full swing. Half the parking lot was roped off for use by the construction crew.

Trucks and workers were very busy

The following two photos were taken from the rear door of Beuf Community Center. The red arrow marks the area where the new pickleball courts are located so readers can gain a perspective. Upon careful inspection, you can see some of the workers.

Looking from Beuf Community Center south toward the courts

Looking from Beuf Community Center south toward the courts

I still think there is a good chance these courts will be ready for play sooner than expected!


Watch Pickleball Videos

To See Pickleball Videos Covering Many Aspects of the Game Click Here (primarily for beginners and less experienced players)

Check out Additional Pickleball Info and Videos! (for all players including average to more experienced players)



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Pickleball Expanding in Phoenix

Paseo Highlands

There is a follow up to this story. Click HERE to see it.

It is always exciting to anticipate new opportunities related to areas in which we have a vested interest. I would like to report about one such happening in the N. Phoenix area pickleball community.

PLEASE NOTE – This is a preliminary report and items presented here are in the planning stages. Given the uncertainties with municipal budgets, priorities, emergencies, etc. any of the following my be revised, changed, etc. Kindly keep this in mind as you read further.

Last week, I met with Jan Sherwood, Recreation Supervisor, Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, City of Phoenix Landscape Architect, Tom Byrne and several other area Pickleball Ambassadors to preview preliminary plans for new pickleball courts at Paseo Highlands Park.

** About the Park – Paseo Highlands Park (Geolet A.C. Beuf Community Center), 3435 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd., 35th Ave. and Pinnacle Peak Rd. (Located adjacent to Geolet A.C. Beuf Community Center)

Amenities: A 40-acre regional Park with two lighted softball fields, lighted soccer field, lighted basketball court, lighted volleyball court, playgrounds, restrooms and picnic areas, grills, ramadas, and the Geolet A.C. Beuf Community Center.

**Excerpted from the City of Phoenix website.

Some of our pickleball friends have noticed signs in the area which outlined the project.

The plan is to build six outdoor pickleball courts.

The photo below is NOT of any identified pickleball court, but is to show the colors of the courts as the preliminary design and plan currently details.

Here are some of the specifics as I understood them. Please remember, that these plans are still fluid and preliminary.

  • There will be fences/barriers separating all of the courts. This should cut down on ball chasing.
  • The circles represent trees to be planted as part of the development process.
  • There is an existing ramada that will remain; located north of the westmost court (rectangular structure).
  • The courts will be lit with timed fixtures that will go on automatically.
  • For the four courts to the east, entry gates are located in the middle of the quad.
  • The two westerly courts have gates at the northern corners.

Pictured below is the general location for the development.

Bathrooms are located relatively near the courts.

There is a parking lot located a bit east of the courts. It has eleven spaces plus one space for handicapped parking.

It was 100 degrees plus the day we met and I walked from the community center to the area shown on the plans and it was not a far walk.

This is a picture I took while standing near the parking lot looking back at the community center

and here is a photo taken standing on the steps of the community center looking back at the area (with gravel/granite) where the new courts will be placed.

For those who want to see a wide view of the general area, this is the link to the larger image (panorama)

Click HERE

The question that might be on the minds of most readers is WHEN will these courts be finished or when can we begin playing on them? A “guesstimate”, keeping in mind that there are some “ifs” involved, is that we are looking at some time after the new year, 2018!

Until then, it is something nice to think about!

I would like to thank Jan Sherwood and the City of Phoenix for keeping our pickleball community in mind and for allowing us to learn of the projects as they begin unfold.

I hope to see you on the courts!

Desert Botanical Garden – March 12, 2015

Living in North Phoenix brings us close to the natural desert, but when guests arrive, they often want to visit the second most popular attraction in the state, after the Grand Canyon of course, which is the Desert Botanical Garden (DBG). Some might argue that Sedona, AZ would also be a close second, but I am just repeating what I have heard based on statistics.

Last week we visited the gardens with family. It has been unusually warm during the last week or so to the tune of 10 plus degrees so I wasn’t sure what the flowers would be like at this time. I am glad to report that many of the spring standard bloomers were still strutting their stuff although there were areas where drying had taken its toll.

Before we get to some of the flowers, however, here are a few pictures of the cactus and succulents we saw:

Silver Agave with Dark Margins

The silver highlights and varied leaf margins make this agave a stunning plant. The chocolate outline with the yellow surround are superb!

Pickle-colored agave with large Serrated Edges.

The wider-leaved agave had a very unusual color almost like a pickle. The serrated edges were also particularly colorful and pronounced.

Small dense agave with dark leaves and silver margins

The plant pictured above appeared to be an agave, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a succulent of a different family. In this particular arrangement, it wasn’t named although I am certain that elsewhere in the garden it would be. It was a smallish specimen being about twice the size of the average closed fist. The dark leaves and silver edges make this a winner.

Penstemon, asters in the wildflower garden

These Daisies/Asters and Penstemon Parryi were doing well in the wildflower garden. Not pictured were the Firecracker Penstemon, Brittlebush, Lupines, Fairy Dusters and others that were plentiful along the paths.

More about our trip to the DBG shortly…