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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – August 3, 2021

Hello Everyone:

Here is some pickleball information which I hope you find informative!

UPDATE – August 4, 2021

I received an email from one of our member-players explaining that there may be an error on the schedule below. The information indicated that pickleball at Washington Activity Center is ONLY Wed. evenings from 6 to 8:30 and Sat mornings.

For those playing at WAC, I would suggest calling to verify times and dates to check.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

August – December 2021
Phoenix City Pickleball Schedule
********** Indoor and Outdoor Courts **********

The latest City of Phoenix pickleball schedule is linked below. This includes the indoor opportunities for the City of Phoenix Community Centers.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Masks are required at all times, in all city of phoenix buildings (masks are required even when on the court playing).

City of Phoenix Pickleball Schedule June-July 2021

Download the PDF version of the flyer HERE

National Championships
********** Vaccination Statement **********

The item below came to me when I was on the road and it is obviously late in getting to you. I think the important point is that the requirements mentioned below are likely to be in effect for quite some time as the coronavirus is once again on the increase.

If you are intending to play pickleball anywhere, bring a mask and be prepared to observe all safety precautions requested at the facilities of play. Pickleball players are generally a very courteous and friendly group. I know everyone respects the concerns of all those who want to remain safe and provide a safe environment for us to enjoy our sport.

Dated July 8, 2021

“Not surprisingly, we have been receiving a great deal of feedback, both positive and negative, about the requirement that all participants in this year’s National Championships be vaccinated to enter the Indian Wells Tennis Garden (IWTG). While many people have applauded the decision, others are troubled by it because they are not and will not get vaccinated. Accordingly, I would like to give you some background on the situation and respond to the statements, questions and suggestions we have seen on social media and received via email over the past 3 days.”

The Best Cities to
********** Play Pickleball in the U.S. **********

On a lighter note, several of our pickleball colleagues forwarded this item to me. You might find some of the data surprising. [ HINT – If you just want the nitty-gritty, scroll down to the map! ]

Interesting Pickleball Statistics
********** From USA Pickleball **********

According to, more than 4 million Americans enjoy playing our sport. Here are some additional noteworthy numbers:*

  • 45,000 players are members of USA Pickleball
  • 2,000 Ambassadors are sponsored by the national organization
  • There are 8,000 known “Places2Play” throughout the country
  • Even during the Pandemic (or perhaps because of it) the number of players grew by 21 percent.

*via July/August issue of Pickleball Magazine (digital version free to all USA Pickleball members)

Status of the 2021
********** The Provisional Drop Serve **********

As the Chairman of the Board of USA Pickleball, Phil Mortenson, points out in the July/August issue of Pickleball Magazine (digital version free to all USA Pickleball members)…

“Throughout the years, the board of directors has maintained that delicate balance and, more importantly, intends to continue preserving pickleball so that it appeals to beginners, professionals, and all those in between. The Official Rules are carefully drafted and monitored so that finesse and strategy can prevail over power and speed.”

I understand that the drop serve provisional rule issued last year has its proponents and detractors. I am attaching an update (via screen capture) on the status of this new option for pickleballers.

status of the drop serve rule

*via July/August issue of Pickleball Magazine (digital version free to all USA Pickleball members)

Video – For Beginners And…

Pickleball Mistakes and
********** How to Avoid Them **********

* Are you using the best grip when holding your paddle?
* Split steps – when to use or not to use – Note how the player “works her way” to the net!
* Control the speed of the ball – short or long stroke
* Keep it simple; don’t try to do too much – Keep the return deep
* Not every ball can be attacked
* The better strategy is work your way to the net; don’t stay on the baseline

Mark Renneson explains a fine point

A return down the middle –
********** who returns that ball? **********

Scenario: The return of serve is hit down the middle of the court and now the serving team gets to decide who gets the third shot. How should this decision be made?

Want access to the entire free Pickleball strategy course? Check out this link!

Pickleball Strategy Course Hosted by Pro Player, Mark Renneson

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