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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – August 11, 2020

Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

For many of our players pickleball has been relatively quiet if not non-existent. I know a group has been playing outside with modified protocols to remain as safe as possible. This is the time of year when normally, the indoor pickleball season begins in Phoenix so I wanted to touch base about a few items that may be of interest.

Parks and Recreation Services Update
********** (Via the web link below) **********

I contacted the Phoenix Department of Parks and Recreation to see if they had any news other than what is posted on their website, but there was no additional or more current information.


The city’s public pools and splashpads​ are closed for summer 2020​​​​​. Read a statement about the summer 2020 pool season. ​

The city’s indoor recreation facilities are temporarily closed.​​

The city’s outdoor recreation facilities are open normal hours of operation. That includes parks, trails and golf courses​. Some park amenities are temporarily closed. Encanto and Rose Mofford sports complexes are temporarily closed. Sports fields are closed for organized activities. #allpks​

All large gatherings and events on city park property have been canceled or postponed until further notice. This includes groups and organizations that have a sports field reservation or special activity request. #Homepage #phxaquatics​

Registration​ for in-person classes, programs and activities is postponed until further notice. Learn about the FREE PHXPlays at Home and FitPHX Virtual recreation programs being offered this summer. #CommunityCenters

Learn more about Parks and Recreation impacted services

Review physical distancing guidelines for public parks and trails ​​

Information from –

Stay Safe Phoenix

USAPA New Logo and
********** Updated Website *********

New USAPA Logo

Check out the newly revised USAPA Website as well!

When You Hit a Perfect Winner
********** And the Other Team Calls it Out! *********

Sad-faced Puppy

Picture via Third Shot Sports newsletter

********** Video: Ernie on the Court *********

An Amazing Ernie

I am not sure how many of our group would be capable, but it is entertaining to see. The pros often try for this shot during top notch competition.


Read more about how to execute an Ernie HERE

********** Pickleball and the NBA *********

For NBA refs in the bubble pickleball is an obsession, and its ringleader is a ‘wild child’

Read the Story HERE

– The Washington Post allows a limited number of “free” views a month and then users need to subscribe to see more. If your allotment has been used, you will not be able to read the entire article, although you will get to see the picture and headline briefly before the nag screen shows! ALSO…I have had luck searching for the articles that have been picked up by other websites. As usual, YMMV!

********** Legacy Sports Arena *********

The project has been put on hold for a couple of months and they anticipate starting construction again in early to mid-fall. As I understand it they are going to have twelve pickleball courts and organized leagues/groups.

Anticipated opening is late spring/summer of 2021. I know we all hope that the plan comes to fruition as more pickleball opportunities are good for all of our members.

For those not aware of the Legacy Sports Arena, you can read bout it HERE:

Video: Do you Avoid
********** These Common Strategy Mistakes? *********

Stay ready and aware for your next pickleball game or match!

You may be making any one of these top 9 basic pickleball mistakes and not even know it. They’re easy to fix and will make a HUGE difference in your game.



********** Archived Versions of Previous Newsletters **********


Previous newsletters that may have pickleball hints, videos, rules changes, etc. are now archived at the following link. You can check out previous newsletters there.

Archived N. Phoenix PB Previous Newsletters

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Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross