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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – February 14, 2023

Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the moderating weather in the Valley! This will be a busy area for pickleball over the next few months and several important tournaments have already been held

Misleading Information About the
***** Non-Volley Zone Lines *****

It has been brought to my attention that some misleading information about the non-volley zone line is being disseminated. As former Ambassador and now pickleball enthusiast, I enjoy playing according to the OFFICIAL USA Pickleball Rulebook and I believe most players feel the same way.

Here is the rule about which balls are considered “in play” and “good” as related to the court lines.

6.B. Except the serve, any ball in play that lands in the court or touches any court line is in. (p. 30 – 2023 USA Pickleball Official Rulebook)

When it comes to the serve, this is the rule about the non-volley zone line:

4.A.2. Placement. The server must serve to the correct service court (the court diagonally opposite the server). The serve may clear or touch the net and must clear the NVZ and the NVZ lines. The serve may land on any other service court line. (p. 17 – 2023 USA Pickleball Official Rulebook)

NOTE – In RECREATION play, modification of the rules can be made as long as everyone understands and agrees before play begins. Once again, it has been my experience that most players stick closely to the USA Pickleball Rulebook.

***** USAP Pickleball Association Rulebook & Official Rules *****
Download your FREE PDF copy HERE

Humorous Pickleball
***** Public Service Announcement Video *****



ErneRead a description HERE Video example HERE

ATP – Around the Post Shot – A player can return the ball by “hitting the ball around the net post” and not over the net. Video example HERE

***** Finishing the Pickleball Point *****

Pickleball player, coach, blogger and podcaster Mark Renneson has written a very informative article:

5 Skills to Finish More Pickleball Points

Here is just one of the suggestions he makes:

The person who is cross court from you is farther away than your down-the-line opponent. And all things being equal, the person closer to you will have less time to get ready for your ball than the one who is on the diagonal. So unless you have a great reason to hit crosscourt, you should drive this ball down-the-line…

All things being equal, when you are trying to finish a point with speed aim toward the person that is closer to you — they’ll have less time to prepare for the ball.

If you want to read the entire article, you can find it HERE!

***** Desert Ridge Open Pickleball Tournament *****

When I am not playing pickleball, I enjoy watching the best of the best play pickleball. Some of the finest pickleball talents were on display at the recent Phoenix, Desert Ridge Open Pickleball Tournament.

It is understandable that these athletes have excellent offenses, but what struck me most, was the defensive shots. When a pickleball team or player is in “trouble” because they are being “attacked” by fast, hard-hitting shots, they try to RESET THE POINT. What this means is that they return the ball in such a way that it can no longer be hit hard toward them in a completely offensive position (often into the non-volley zone).

If you want to see this on clear display watch the women’s or men’s doubles finals. These players are so good at resetting the point and getting out of trouble.


Desert Ridge Open – Gold Medal Match – Women’s Doubles – Waters/Parenteau vs. Jansen/Jones

Desert Ridge Open – Gold Medal Match – Men’s Doubles – Johns/Johns vs. Wright/Newman

Desert Ridge Open – Gold Medal Match – Mixed Doubles – Johns/Waters vs. Wright/Kovalova

Desert Ridge Open – Gold Medal Match – Women’s Singles – Anna Leigh Waters vs. Catherine Parenteau

Inclusive Trounament Video
******* More than Five Hours Long *******

HERE ARE THE TIME STAMPS FOR THE VIDEO ABOVE as posted on YouTube – NOTE – Some of these are not accurate – YMMV

0:00 – #11 Zane Navratil/James Ignatowich #21 Derek Shearer/Grant Bond
21:45 – #1 Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs. #32 Nico Montoya/Adrian Legarreta
38:13 – #4 JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier vs. #13 Connor Garnett/Wesley Burrows
1:06:11 – #2 Riley Newman/Matt Wright vs. #15 Pesa Teoni/Kris Heddings
1:32:45 – #1 Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs. #8 Jay Devilliers/DJ Young
1:59:10 – #4 JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier vs. #5 Erik Lange/AJ Koller
2:29:22 – #3 Tyler Loong/Callan Dawson vs. #6 Thomas Wilson/Julian Arnold
3:08:22 – #2 Catherine Parenteau/Anna Leigh Waters vs. #7 Irina Tereschenko/Meghan Sheehan-Dizon
3:35:02 – #1 Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs. #4 JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier
4:08:23 – #2 Riley Newman/Matt Wright vs. #3 Tyler Loong/Callan Dawson
4:48:01 – #17 Bobbi Oshiro/Sarah Ansboury vs. #4 Lea Jansen/Allyce Jones
5:25:41 – #2 Catherine Parenteau/Anna Leigh Waters vs. #3 Anna Bright/Vivienne David


********** That’s All for Now **********


Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross
N. Phoenix Pickleball Enthusiast