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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – November 24, 2020

Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

Before I begin with the “news,” I want to encourage everyone to read the USA Pickleball’s Statement on the Coronavirus.

So…You Want to Be a
********** Pickleball Referee **********

The Following information comes to us from Lynn & Linda Laymon via Larry “Bud” Lite – Southwest Regional Director.

In our capacity as regional Referee Training Coordinators we are trying to gauge interest for an online referee training course, primarily to support the Southwest Regional tournament, but also to increase the number of trained refs for all future tournaments.

The interactive course would utilize the USA Pickleball PowerPoint presentation in one or two sessions totaling 3 to 4 hours. We ask that, prior to the course, participants watch the Referee Quick Start video and read through the Rulebook and Referee Handbook, located in the Officiating section of the USA Pickleball website (

In order to access the Zoom platform all that is required is a computer and Internet connection; the access code will be provided. The training would take place in January to encompass the newly revised rules. It will be free, but we would expect to elicit an agreement from participants that they would begin to practice their skills during recreational play and eventually at local tournaments, since we cannot meet in person for on-court training. We will also work with Certified refs in the region to connect participants with opportunities for supervised practice and skill assessment for a rating.

Could you please utilize your regional Ambassador organization to spread the word?

Anyone interested in referee training should contact us at

Once we have an idea of those interested we will set up a time and date.

Stay safe!

Lynn & Linda Laymon
USA Pickleball Southwest Region
Referee Training Coordinators


Free Pickleball Strategy Course
********** By Mark Renneson *********

Many of you know Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mark, he is a premier pickleball coach and advocate. He also provides on-air commentary for some of our most prestigious tournaments. Mark has partnered with Selkirk Sports to develop a pickleball strategy course.

For some of our advanced PB friends, much of this may be repetitive. Like most sport-related skill development or learning however, we often tend to forget some of the subtle tips, tricks and suggestions discovered if they are not reinforced.

For those who have been away from pickleball for some time because of COVID-19 or other reasons, this may serve as a good refresher.

Here is what you can expect…

Receive a free Pickleball strategy video every day for 14 days:

  • Learn never before revealed strategies
  • Discover what pro players do differently
  • Elevate your technical skills to win more games

If you are interested, here is the link to sign up for the FREE PICKLEBALL STRATEGY COURSE.

PPA Mesa Grand Slam Qualifier
Feb. 18-21, 2021
********** $55K Prize Pool *********

– Grand Slam Filling Fast –

PPA event at Mesa Tennis Center in Mesa, AZ
Pro & Skill/Age events
Over 910 players already registered
Registration ends 2/21/21

Registration Information HERE:

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How To Generate Effortless Power
********** On Your Pickleball Serve *********

Jordon Briones, of PrimeTime Pickleball, provides three tips that will help playaers generate more power on their pickleball serve which he claims has “devastating speed.”

Watch Below!



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Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross