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August 28, 2019

Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

Phoenix City Community Centers Closed Labor Day
********** Monday, September 2, 2019 **********


********** Scottsdale Community College **********
Opens Pickleball Courts

Scottsdale Community College has recently opened pickleball courts for outdoor play. There are a variety of plans being developed, but since this is a relatively new facility, options have not yet been finalized.

Some players have indicated that there has been a per diem fee of $5 for an initial guest visit.

It is also my understanding that there is a monthly fee of $25 which covers pickleball and other fitness facilities. I don’t have any other details to share at this point.

If you are interested, click the link for contact information for the Scottsdale Community College Fitness Center

I will update information as it becomes available!


********** AAPL – Competitive Pickleball **********
League Play

Most readers of this newsletter are recreational players and they enjoy playing with others at a variety of skill levels, but focus on players at or just above their perceived level of play.

Many of the N. Players have been playing together for a number of years and out of that group, there are some who would like to try their hand in a more competitive environment, but not necessarily a tournament.

A new option has become available and while it currently focuses on areas a bit out of our zone, there is an opportunity for those who don’t mind traveling a bit.

The organization is called APPL Core, the Arizona Pickleball Players League. You can visit their website NOTE – There are opportunities at various skill levels.

From the APPL home page:

“APPL was formed to develop and introduce League pickleball to Arizona and eventually the USAPA network. We believe there are thousands of players that would like to enjoy organized team based competitive pickleball as an alternative or addition to the already established tournament infrastructure. It is APPL’s objective to bring a standardized team based league format to Arizona and eventually nationally to fill this void.”

Click this link to read a recent communication I received regarding APPL

If you are interested start at the General Rules Page.


********** Pickleball Ten Commandments **********
by Sarah Ansboury

As readers of this newsletter know, I follow Sarah Ansboury’s blog and she offers lots of good advice. In a recent post, she issued her Pickleball Ten Commandments which, in themselves, can be guidance for winning play.

One of the Commandments (#3) suggests that the serve should be down the middle of the court to help limit the angle of the shot the player returning the ball can hit.

Most of the time, I see the returning player hovering to one side of the court to “protect” their backhand. Hitting the ball close to the middle of the service court might make a good return difficult if they are favoring their backhand side. This would make her point even more emphatic. Notice how she stresses “getting the ball” in play on the serve.

Read the entire list of Pickleball Ten Commandments for the other hints and sound advice. PS – check out some of the other links in the post for even more hints and ideas.

BTW – Here is more information about the pickleball serve. Check out this video that has been featured on my website before:

Three Serves & Why You Need Them


********** Lean and Fit **********
Your Guide to Wellness and Healthy Living

Washington post columnist, Elizabeth Chang, had this opening paragraph that caught my eye because it mentions (of all things) pickleball.

“A lot of people my age – especially some avid tennis players — are picking up a new sport: pickleball. A hybrid of tennis and Ping-Pong, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. The court is significantly smaller than a tennis court, the game is usually played doubles and the serve is underhand, which makes it easier on aging joints.”

Ms. Chang then goes on to reference the article linked below about “older” tennis players staying fit. Since tennis and pickleball are different branches of the same family tree, perhaps this article might be of interest to some of us who have little aches, pains or other issues that arise as we celebrate more birthdays.

Here is the link to the article:

Be like Serena and Roger: Older amateurs offer tips for maintaining your athletic edge.


********** For Those Who Have Read This Far **********
Why, How, Etc. You Need To Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Here is a video and some research I wrote about on my website. Don’t take my word for it, the experts seem to agree…You Gotta Watch the Ball.

Pickleball Video and More: Fix the hole in your paddle – watch the ball!


********** Archived Versions of Previous Newsletters **********


Previous newsletters that may have pickleball hints, videos, rules changes, etc. are now archived at the following link. You can check out previous newsletters there.
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I hope to see you on the courts!


Jeff Ross