Pickleball: N. Phoenix, Paseo Highlands Revisited

You may recall that on July 11, 2017, I posted a story about new courts being constructed at the Paseo Highlands Park in North Phoenix. I am happy to report that they started construction and because of the relatively mild winter, it seems to me that they are making excellent progress.

I am not an engineer and I know very little about construction so any comments made here are from my unitiated point of view.

As you will note, there is a lot of heavy construction equipment at the construction site.

Heavy equipment at the construction site

There was an opening in the fence so I could get a clear shot of the land that has been cleared and is awaiting some material for underlayment/grading.

Land clearing and leveling

This is taken from the same general area looking toward the north.

Looking north toward the community center

(Below) On two of the courts substrata of crushed stone was placed on top of the dirt and it was being leveled. Rebar and levels were being carefully employed.

substrata was being leveled

This is another shot of the preparation on that same set of courts.

Another photo of the preparation of the substrata

I was at the site about 8:20 AM so there were trucks and workers coming and going as the work day was getting into full swing. Half the parking lot was roped off for use by the construction crew.

Trucks and workers were very busy

The following two photos were taken from the rear door of Beuf Community Center. The red arrow marks the area where the new pickleball courts are located so readers can gain a perspective. Upon careful inspection, you can see some of the workers.

Looking from Beuf Community Center south toward the courts

Looking from Beuf Community Center south toward the courts

I still think there is a good chance these courts will be ready for play sooner than expected!


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