Current City of Phoenix Pickleball Schedule
Indoor and Outdoor

You may want to call an individual Community Center the first time you go, just to make certain that have not been any last minute changes to the schedule.

City of Phoenix Current Pickleball Schedule
June – August Schedule – 2023

City of Phoenix Pickleball Schedule

The new SUMMER pickleball schedule for the Phoenix Department of Parks and Recreation is now available. You can download a PDF copy at the link below!

NOTE – Please keep in mind that the schedule is open to change and revisions are a possibility.

Download the June – Aug Schedule HERE


What is Pickleball?

Watch the video below to learn how the sport of pickleball is played!

Scroll down to find find pickleball videos about nearly every aspect of the sport. Don’t leave the page yet, there is much to learn about pickleball. Take a leisurely scroll!

ALSO…There are many places to play pickleball in and around N. Phoenix – schedules below.



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Find More Places to Play:

For Additional Pickleball Courts in and Around N. Phoenix

The Meetup.com website with playing opportunities – Click Link Below
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Pickleball Anyone?

There is much information. Scroll down to see more!

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When I mention that I play Pickleball, I often get a quizzical look as though I am living in an alternate universe. There really is a sport called Pickleball and by many accounts, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and perhaps around the world.

The only way I can describe it is like this:

Pickleball is similar to playing Ping Pong on top of a big table. If you are still confused, I encourage you to watch the video below.

Below is another sample of Pickleball featured on NBC’s News with Brian Williams

Yes, there is actually a USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) with a rule book and everything that a quality sport should have. I attended the 2014 USAPA National Tournament in Sun City Festival in Buckeye, Arizona. It was a great day to watch all the Pickleball players enjoying themselves. The USAPA makes these tournaments possible

If you want to read the details of the game, (and who wouldn’t), check out this web page:

Scroll down to the bottom for some interesting links and more videos that will teach Pickleball basics. If you just want to get right to it, here is the basic set of rules http://www.usapa.org/rules-summary/

One warning, however, many people find this sport addictive and once they get hooked, they can’t let go.

I play in the Northern Phoenix Area of Arizona and if they had an official organization I would call it PAPA (Phoenix Area Pickleball Association). In the meantime, there are many places to play. I play indoors several days a week and here is the Pickleball schedule for the local Community Centers and others:

North Phoenix Area Pickleball Venues – See the Top of the Page

If you happen to live in the North Phoenix area and you need more information about playing Pickleball, feel free to contact me: [This is an image of my email to keep the spam bots from acquiring my email address.]
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Have fun!

Pickleball Rules Summary – Click Link to Download a 1-Page PDF Version

How do I rate as a Pickleball Player? (IFP Rating Descriptions)

16 Guidelines for Playing Smart and Winning at Pickleball

How to Win at Pickleball [MS Word]

How to Win at Pickleball [PDF]



Pickleball Videos

The content below is not original and is being shared via the good will of those who produced them. Thanks to Deb Harrison and others for sharing their experiences and expertise!

Serving for Success, Deb Harrison

An effective, reliable serve is critical to your pickleball success. This instructional video covers all of the fundamentals and is sure to make you a better server.

Return of Serve, Deb Harrison

Return of serve can be effective pickleball weapon. This video reviews how to hit a top spin, under spin and short hop return of serve.


Pickleball Serving and Service Return Tidbit: Depth, Deb Harrison, Deb Harrison

“Today’s Pickleball Tibdit is about the importance of depth on your serve and return of serve. Learn why a high, floaty, but deep return of serve may be your best option. We publish these quick tips every Wednesday.”

How to Hit a Lob, Deb Harrison

“A lob can be an effective pickleball shot, especially when both of your opponents are at the non-volley zone. Learn how to hit a regular and topspin lob in this video.”

Running Down a Lob, Deb Harrison

Don’t just shrug your shoulders and give up; you can run down and return the pickleball lob. Learn the proper techniques and drills to improve your skills.

Ready Position at the Non Volley Zone: Deb Harrison< Defending Against Bangers Part 1

Solid fundamentals are critical to your success with pickleball. This is especially true at the no volley zone when you don’t have time to react to a ball coming at you quickly. This is the first in a series of lessons on Defending Against Bangers (i.e. people that hit the ball at you hard when you are at the non-volley zone).

Punch Block: Deb Harrison, Defending Against Bangers Part 2

Many pickleball players find it difficult to play against bangers (i.e.
players that hit it hard at you at the no volley zone). This video reviews the ready position, and adds the punch block volley for added power.

Swing Volley, Defending Against Bangers, Part 3; Deb Harrison

This is part 3 of our Pickleball Instructional series, Defending Against Bangers, in which we review the Swing Volley. This is an effective weapon to keep bangers (i.e. those that hit the ball hard at you) back.

Snap Swing Volley, Deb Harrison

“This pickleball instructional video builds on one of our most popular episodes, the swing volley. Today we add snap to the swing volley, to pound the ball down at our opponents’ feet.”

Split step stop and how to block drop -OR-
Getting caught in “no man’s land” and how you might be able to recover.

“Though the intent is to get you and your partner to net, you may not make it. This video covers the split step stop, and how to block drop the next shot to help you continue to move forward.”


Perfect the Dink with Mark Renneson, Third Shot Sports

Mark explains the different methods of hitting dink. One of the main points he puts forth is that the arc of the ball does not have to be low. As a matter of fact, it needs to be a bit high to assure it gets over the net. Having the correct arc is the key as is using the whole body to direct the ball.

Footwork at Non-Volley Zone, Deb Harrison
This pickleball instructional video is about footwork along the non-volley zone line. Since 80% of the game of pickleball is played along this line, your ability to move efficiently is critical to your success.

Smackdown Your Opponents Mistakes, Deb Harrison
When your pickleball opponent makes a mistake and hits the ball up, you want to make them pay. If you learn the “smack down” shot, you will win the point, rather than hitting that juicy plum in the net.

Pickleball: Specialty Dinks / Drops, Deb Harrison
If you feel you have mastered the straight dink, this pickleball instructional video is for you. Learn four specialty shots that are meant to keep your opponent moving and out of his/her comfort zone.

You Asked for It, Deb Harrison
This week’s pickleball instructional video is in response to subscriber’s requests. You asked for more information on defending against bangers, and wanted to know why your dinks go too high. Well this episode is devoted to answering your questions.

Pickleball Tidbits:

Body Language, Deb Harrison

What is your body language telling your partner and your opponent when you play pickleball? Learn more from our Pickleball Tidbits, published every Wednesday, to take your game to the next level.

(The Importance of) Drilling, Deb Harrison

Pickleball Tidbit: Communication, Deb Harrison




Pickleball 411: Is The Ball In or Out? – Pickleball Line Call Rule Clarified

In this episode of Pickleball 411, we focus on line calls and determining if a ball is in or out. Using some clear motion graphics, our host, Rusty Howes, will walk us through the elements of the rule itself: Court Lines, Compression and Point of Contact. We hope this short video will help clarify some of the discussion points of this part of the game and make line calling a little easier.

Pickleball TipBit: Finishing the Stroke – Deb Harrison

It is easy to overlook the finish of the stroke, but making a “complete” shot helps to improve the pace and angle of the stroke.

“By examining your finish position you can improve your pickleball strokes and game. For more on the correct finish position for your backhand…”


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