JBRish is a personal website published to share with others the experiences of the authors. We hope that what visitors read will not be mere gibberish (as opposed to JBRish which is not nonsense at all), but useful information that may help readers cope with life’s frustrations and take advantage of the opportunities everyone has.

It is hoped that through this blog, information gained over many years of experience in a variety of fields including our successes and failures will benefit others.

Topics we plan to include:.

Quotations – Jeff is a quotationist and he enjoys collecting and savoring quotes on a near daily basis.

Photography – The art of photography has been a significant interest for more than fifty years. For two years, Jeff worked as a professional photographer. Once retired, he once again decided to renew his interest in this art form..

Gardening – Jeff is a Master Gardener in Maricopa County, Arizona. Living in the Sonoran Desert provides interesting challenges for all gardeners. With more than a half dozen years of experience in the desert, he has learned some “tricks of the trade.”

Platitudes– Jeff collects photos of unique and interesting Arizona license plates. In our Platitudes section, these will be presented in whimsical juxtaposition or perhaps poignant pairs..

Odds ‘N’ Ends:.

  • Pickleball – A potentially addictive sport for players of ALL ages
  • Hiking – A great way to see nature’s beauty and exercise
  • Humor – Laughter is great medicine
  • Life Hacks – Hints for making life a bit easier
  • Food – Recipes, eating out, etc.


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