Photography: As Shot – Stormy Mendocino Headlands

Stormy Ocean - Mendocino Headlands

There is something about a stormy sea that attracts me. Knowing that I am standing on terra firma looking at the churning water and feeling the building strength of the impending storm carries a thrill with it. On such a day we were drawn to the edge of the ocean in Mendocino Headlands State Park. There were only a few adventurers at the water’s edge this morning.

The grey skies could not hide the beauty of the scene. The browns of the beach and rocks against the bluish grey water and sky created a very pleasing panorama.

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File Name: IMG_1636.CR2
Capture time: 9:51:17 AM
Capture date: September 24, 2014
Exposure: 1/250 sec @ f/4.0
Focal Length: 4.3mm
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Lens: 4.3-215mm

Edited in Lightroom


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USA Disasters – No One Can Rest In Peace

Two pictures of disasters from last week remind all of us that we are closer to disaster than we might like to think

Casket floating in the LA floods
“A casket is seen floating in floodwaters in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, after heavy rains. Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

CA Fires Destroying Homes and Lives
“Flames whipped by strong winds burn though a hillside during the Blue Cut Fire in San Bernardino County, Californi – Patrick Fallon / Reutersa”


Remote Captures Mountain Lions in the Santa Monica Mountains

It is often hard to think about wildlife when we live in the city, but in the outskirts there are many animals who live and coexist in the world we have left to them. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area captured a number of pictures of a mother and her maturing mountain lion “kittens” as they feasted on a deer carcass.

The images below are just a selected few from the entire set posted on line at this link:P-19 & 15-Month-Old Kittens

The image below shows how majestic these creatures are. Isn’t this big cat beautiful?

A Mountain Lion Looks Up at the Camera

One might feel sorry for the deer that is the feast for these mountain lion kittens, but they have to eat too!

Mountain Lions feast on a Deer Carcass

Above is another picture of an inquisitive cat.

States Where People Live The Longest – You Might Be Surprised

    10 – Utah
    9 – New Jersey
    8 – New Hampshire
    7 – Vermont
    6 – New York
    5 – Massachusetts
    4 – Connecticut
    3 – California
    2 – Minnesota
    1 – Hawaii

To find out why people live longer in these states and how the information was derived, visit the Wall Street Journal’s article: States Where People Live Longest

For each state particular factors such as Life expectancy, Obesity rate and Poverty rate are listed and ranked for comparison.

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