Dancing in the Streets and Everywhere!

There is no doubt that there are many discouraging events occurring in our world on a very frequent basis. Our modern era has spawned wars, terrorism, hatred and untold misery in many parts of the earth.

This video is the antidote to the negative occurrences we hear so much about. Let’s remember that there are opportunities for happiness, fun, laughter and brotherhood even amidst some of the most negative and gloomy events of our time.


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Two Take Their Love to the Grave

Following on the heals of Valentine’s Day, this couple makes us all look bad as they held their romantic embrace for nearly 6,000 years. According to the Huffington Post article (see link below), a grave with two Neolithic skeletons, presumably a couple, was uncovered in Greece in 2013.

Neolithic Couple in Love at Death

They were discovered in the cozy “spooning position” which implies some intimacy. It also causes us to note the care with which these two were buried unless it was by natural causes such as landslide, earthquake, etc.

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