Photography Quote — 20180708 – The Woodlands

Today’s Photography Quote


“Is not the smell of forests delicious? it seems to ascend like the smoke of incense.” — Henry James Slack, Journalist and Science Writer

The picture above was taken during our stop at the Ladybird Johnson Grove, in the Redwood National Park as we made our way north along the coast of California. Although the sun was shining, the shade of these majestic trees dimmed the forest floor. There was a wonderful light bouquet of decomposition that would waft up and envelop us at intervals.


Photo Metadata

File Name:IMG_1658.CR2
Capture time: 11:06 PM
Capture date: September 25, 2014
Exposure: 1/30 @ f5.0
Focal Length: 4.3mm
ISO: 200
Canon Powershot SX50HS

*Edited: Lightroom

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