Pickleball Video: Dink Disguise for Hard Drive Surprise

Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports, offers a hint to help catch our opponents off guard.

While watching the video, also notice how Mark uses his whole body to execute the dink. The movement is subtle, but his legs and torso give a motion of “lift” to the paddle/ball.

Another good hint he provides is to use a short back swing to help keep the shot soft.

Sepaking of dinking, here’s another hint. Many players already know this, but just in case…

I hope this helps with some new ways to think about the dink!


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2017 US Open Pickleball Championships Televised

According to word from Pickleballtournaments.com, the 2017 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships held in Naples, FL will be broadcast on television as per the following…

On CBS Sports Channel (221 Direct TV)
May 19 8pm ET, 5/26 8pm ET (2 shows)
Repeat 5/26 7pm ET, 5/26 11pm ET

Check your local listings for CPS Sports

For those who want a “teaser,” here are a couple of videos including some of the venues and highlights from the tournament.

Highlights from the 2017 US Open Pickleball Championships

Look for an amazing between the legs shot somewhere between 1:06 – 1:07
[ Don’t try this at home! ]

2017 US Open Pickleball Championships Open Air Arena

It is gratifying to see our sport portrayed in such a professional manner.

Pickleball Paddle Repair – Re-Grip and Over Grip

One would think that a pickleball paddle needs little attention and that day-in and day-out it just works the way it was intended to work and basically this is true, but there are a couple of things to consider about maintaining your paddle. One item which may need some care is the grip. Just think about how many times you might grip and re-grip that paddle. Consider how much perspiration might be shed onto that paddle over time.

It is only logical then, that whatever material the paddle grip is made of will change texture, thickness and perhaps position over time. If your paddle grip is slipping or slippery, perhaps it is time to get an overgrip. An overgrip is one that goes on top of the existing grip and sometimes they are made of materials designed to keep the moisture collecting on the handle to a minimum to avoid slippage.

NOTE – If your paddle feels just large/wide enough with the grip you already have, then you wouldn’t want an overgrip and perhaps replacing the grip with a different material is the solution (see replacement videos below). Of course these can all be done by some sporting good stores that carry pickleball supplies, etc., but it is something that can be done “at home” by most average players with relative ease.

The videos below demonstrate the various techniques involved.

Add an Overgrip

(to an Existing Grip)

How to over-grip your pickleball paddle’s existing grip — with Mark Renneson

How to over-grip your pickleball paddle’s existing grip — Jennifer Lucore and Bob Youngren

Changing the Grip Completely

(with a New Grip)


How to Change a Replacement Grip on your pickleball paddle — Jennifer Lucore and Bob Youngren

How to Change a Replacement Grip on your pickleball paddle — Neil Friedenberg

Are you ready to get a grip?