Laughter is the Best Medicine – 20200323


Dear JBRish readers. During this time of increased anxiety, worry and isolation, I think it is a bit of a relief to sit back and try to find something to laugh about. This is not an attempt to provide humor in bad taste.

As you can see, there are others around the world who are trying to lighten the global burden by offering a smile or two albeit a small smile; perhaps just a grin.


Video – Cheers Was Ahead of Its Time!
“I’m a janitor at a biology lab…”


Looking at the map for some weekend travel ideas




Buying every roll of toilet paper in sight? Enjoying beer pong on your favorite spring break beach? Can’t be bothered to wash your hands or cover up when you cough or sneeze?

Then you just might be a: ‘Covidiot.Via


What Dad Does on the 4th Day of Quarantine with the Children



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