Pickleball: Is it SAFE to Play?

As our nation works its way through this national emergency I am sure there a number of pickleball players are wondering whether there is a safe way to play pickleball. Of course the word “safe” may be a relative term.

To help JBRish readers decide for themselves whether or not it is safe, I would like to offer the following resources.

NOTE the interview below is by a licensed and well-respected medical professional.


Can We Play Pickleball Please?
********** The quick answer is NO! **********

Below is an excerpt from the above article written by the Pickleball Rocks Team. Pickleball Rocks is a long-time business that has supported our sport for many years. I am sure the information they are providing is with your best interest in mind.

To play almost 100% safely….

1) You must wash the balls before you begin your game.
2) Every person on the court would have been through 14 days of isolation directly prior to coming out to play. This would assure they have not unknowingly picked up the virus anywhere. If they’ve been anywhere around people after completing the 14 days of isolation and prior to coming to play, they could potentially be carriers again, so invite someone else.
3) Any benches or chairs at the court would need to be sanitized.
4) The courts you are about to play on haven’t had anyone carrying the virus playing on the courts in the last 9 days (supposedly that is the maximum about a time the virus can live on a hard surface). So there is no danger of the ball picking up the virus while you are playing.

Read the complete article for more information and details by clicking HERE


EP 35: Pickleball and Covid-19 – What You Need to Know
********** How Safe is it to be Playing Pickleball? **********

Please understand that the opinions expressed in this interview are not my opinions. The views are those of the interviewer, Mark Renneson and Dr. Anne Matlow (Professor of Medicine, Paediatrics, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto and retired infectious disease physician who was on Ontario’s provincial advisory committee during the SARS outbreak of 2003.)

The interview is via telephone and some of the audio is low-volume. To go to the page with the interview, CLICK HERE and click the green arrow! I recommend listening to the entire interview to get all of the information presented.

NOTE Mark Renneson has been a good friend to pickleballers around the world especially in the US and Canada. I have featured a number of his videos on my website and in newsletters I send to you.

In his latest newsletter Mark asks for help keeping his small business functioning. Click HERE AND SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO READ HIS PERSONAL MESSAGE !

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Show Time for Pickleball

The Pickleball Show

It was news to me when I discovered that there was a podcast called “The Pickleball Show.” One of the steps any game or sport needs to take before it becomes more mainstream is to find a way to get into the public eye. Having a podcast about Pickleball is one move to help accomplish that. Chris Allen is the congenial host who has good interviewing skills as well as the gift of gab. His sense of humor also adds to the enjoyment of the podcasts.

I have listened to three plus shows thus far and they have been quite interesting for me. The show with Gail Leach, author of The Art of Pickleball, was quite informative.

I actually started listening to the podcasts out of order because the first one I found out about was show #9 which is described as:

009:Smart Pickleball with Prem Carnot, 25:36, 3/23/15 – Prem Carnot, author of Smart Pickleball, tells Chris about a serve technique that’ll drive your opponent even further back from the baseline, plus a great rule-of-thumb as to when to cover the line and when to cover the middle.

There were three good tips/hints mentioned in the above podcast. Two are what I would call good strategy tips, but I won’t steal the show’s thunder. The third tip was basically advice not to back up if a hard shot comes your way, but to either stand your ground and hope for a “blocked” shot return or, if you need to back up, only take a couple of steps back.

Prem Carnot pointed out that if a player is backing up all the way to the baseline, they will have a great deal of difficulty executing any kind of an offensive shot when the ball is hit their way because they most likely will not have time to get set.

He also points to those who turn their back to “protect” themselves when the ball is going to be hit hard. If you are fearful, then go ahead, but that won’t return the ball. If you want to try to turn the situation around, stand your ground and try to just connect the paddle to the ball to block it back.

I encourage you to listen to the remainder of podcast episode #9 to hear the other two tips hinted at in the synopsis of episode #9.

If you go to the show’s website The Pickleball Show [ http://pickleballshow.com/ ], you can subscribe to the podcast. I used iTunes since it was so easy to read a synopsis of the show(s), download all of the episodes, etc. and have them synched to my devices.

ALTERNATIVELY...If you visit the Podcast page of the website, you can scroll through the individual podcasts listed (scroll down to see the earlier shows) and listen to the podcasts by clicking on the green READ MORE buttons.

I am supporting this show by posting this blurb here and by subscribing because it can only help the sport I have grown to really enjoy AND I can use all the advice I can get about how to improve my game.

Good luck and Thank You to Chris Allen and The Pickleball Show. Good luck as well to all those who listen to increase their skills and their enjoyment of our sport.

Happy Playing!