Video – Now that is Entertainment

When I consider my life experience, I have to appreciate that I was born at a most advantageous time. I am not going to wax philosophical here about economic outlooks, moral changes or political shifts. What I am referring to is the plethora of creative inventions/options that have been brought forth during my lifetime. There are more ways for people to express their creativity than ever before.

The first movies I saw as a child were not even in movie theaters. They were in an open field on temporary benches broadcast on a makeshift screen. If it rained, no movie. In some cases the movies weren’t even black and white. They were sepia toned. One film was blue and white; now that was weird!

Today’s creators have so much power under their control and with the burgeoning field of computer-generated imagery (CGI) rolling full speed ahead, the consumers of entertainment have much to anticipate and should be excited.

Let’s not forget, however, some of the mesmerizing effects of legacy processes like the Phenakistoscope, Zoetrope, the flip book, etc. In their day, they were entertainment.

In the video below, L’illusion de Joseph, Pask D’Amico creates a most mesmerizing piece of entertainment based on a modernization of old school techniques. I found these particularly alluring, but I have to confess, I am also a sucker for Kaleidoscopes, which may seem like a non sequitur, but watch the short film and you will get what I mean. You are going to like this; I can almost guarantee it!

Oh, did I say that the music is captivating too?

L'illusion de Joseph from Mr.Klesha animation on Vimeo.

Street Photography As An Art Form – Jack Simon

Street photography is an interesting art form. Not only does it include one of my favorite hobbies, photography, it often includes a variety of things that can not be anticipated, are unusual and/or hard to believe.

This short video about the street photography of Jack Simon explains it better than any written word can. The photos are generally “strange,” but well-composed and photographically astute. I think you will find the video entertaining in and of itself, but the photographic philosophy and skills are enlightening to those of us interested in this genre.

For more information about Jack Simon, check out his website – Jack Simon Photography

Jack Simon’s Flickr account can be found here

Eric Kim also created a video interview with Mr. Simon and you can watch below (although there is some crossover of content):

Eric Kim’s Photography Website