Vide-Ohs: Dueling Jingle Bells

Even with COVID hanging on, this should encourage the holiday spirit in most viewers. I don’t think many of us have experienced Jingle Bells quite like this!


The United States Navy Band lets it rip for our entertainment! Happy Holidays!


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Pickleball: USAPA Nationals VII Exciting Video

Wow, what a powerful video highlighting the excitement and the fun of pickleball;what a sport! One usually doesn’t see this much engagement by players and spectators alike at a sporting event. The video exudes the excitement and pace of the 2015 Pickleball Nationals VII.

  • 32 Pickleball Courts
  • 38 States
  • 3 Provinces
  • 764 Players
  • 2,038 Matches

From the YouTube posting:

Published on Dec 10, 2015

“The USAPA Nationals VII was a powerhouse of pickleball! The action and agility on the courts was amazing. You won’t believe all the cool shots from multiple matches that Pickleball Channel was able to capture! Check out this footage of some of the greatest moments in the tournament including aerial shots and super slow mo. If you were at Nationals this year, you just might see yourself on the court!”