Video: Visa’s Monkey Business Commerical

This is one of the most clever commercials I have seen in a long time. It isn’t like some of those inane commercials by a few companies who shall rename nameless. Someone working for Visa actually thought long and hard about this one and executed it well.

I think you will really like it!


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School Time for Orangutans – Picture

Not quite a barrel of monkeys, but close!

Baby orangutans on the way to school

Picture courtesy of the Mirror, UK –

These baby orangutans were recently rescued from captivity according to a story in Mirror – UK. Once rescued, these apes need to be taught, well…how to be apes. They receive training in climbing and fending for themselves before being released into the wild.

Read the entire story and see the picture gallery at the link below:

Orangutan orphanage: Baby apes go to ‘forest school’ in wheelbarrow after being rescued from captivity