Taliesin West Evening Tour Photo Essay – Part 5

Frank Lloyd Wright understood that a building cannot be a home without appropriate furnishings. He was concerned about decorating the rooms in a style that would enhance the overall architecture and aesthetic of each area.

Decorative Chinese theater scene
An example of the decorative ceramic Chinese theater scenes

Chinese theater scenes are placed throughout the estate with some used to mark transitions from one area to another.

Taliesin West wall of art
Room-separating artwork wall with sculptures and stones

The living room at Taliesin West
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West living room


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Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 74 (Artwork near Yosemite Falls)

Artwork near Yosemite FallsWalking past one of the viewing points for Yosemite Falls, this metal artwork was embedded in one of the granite columns

Even among all of the natural beauty of Yosemite, we find attempts to add the human signature to the park with various embellishments. If anything, it helps to remind us that as much as we try, we are all amateur artists when compared to nature!

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Meta Data – Day 74 YOY – Year of Yosemite

File Name: 3495.JPG
Capture time: 8:12:24 AM
Capture date: June 5, 2016
Exposure: 1/60 sec @ f/2.6
Focal Length: 6mm
ISO 100
Canon PowerShot A590 IS


Amazing Street Art (Streetart)

I have always been a sucker for optical illusions and street art (or streetart). I am not talking about graffiti although that has become a more acceptable genre nowadays since it is currently producing some nice art pieces around the world.

When I mention street art, I am addressing those illustrations done with chalk on sidewalks and roadways which create optical illusion to make them appear that passersby are interacting with the artwork.

Leon Keer demonstrates his mastery of this genus by creating a sidewalk Pac-Man display. In the images below, you can see people walking through it and there is one shot of Keer creating the illustration by exaggerating the elements so they look correct when viewed from afar and above. How do they do that?!


Pac-Man Streetart by Leon Keer

Pac-Man Streetart by Leon Keer

Pac-Man Streetart by Leon Keer


Below is another of Keer’s creations (shwoing the artist’s perspective) which appeared at the Malta Streetart Festival. Can you tell what it is? Visit his website to see.

Mystery Streetart by Leon Keer

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