Adventures in Oregon: Heceta Head & Sand Dunes

Farther down the coast in Florence, Oregon we stopped at the Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint. The Cape Creek Bridge was visible from the visitor’s area and the settling mist helped to create a picturesque image.

The Cape Creek Bridge

The lighthouse is a distance away from the parking area and well hidden by surrounding woodland. From the beach, we were able to capture a few distant shots of the outer buildings.

Lighthouse buildings seen from the beach

Using a long focal length, I was able to catch glimpses of the lighthouse through the trees as we approached.

The lighthouse becomes visible through the trees as we walk

The lighthouse is accessed by an uphill pedestrian path and we caught several sneak peaks of the popular landmark as we walked.

A sneak peak of the lighthouse from the path

The overcast sky and ambiance of the day called for a photo rendered in black and white.

The landmark lighthouse rendered in black and white

We spent time exploring the grounds and surrounding seascape as two pups were frolicking in the surf which I suspect might have been a bit cold!

Two dogs frolicking in the surf

Ironically, some of the best pictures of the lighthouse were captured at distant pull-offs along the roadside south of the park.

View of the lighthouse from a roadside pull-off

View of the lighthouse from a roadside pull-off

A closeup view from the pull-off via a telephoto lens

Along the route we saw several signs reminding us of the impending dangers of the coastal area.

Tsunami warning sign

As we continued south, we made a point of stopping at the Siuslaw National Forest and surrounding sand dunes. As a long time resident of New Jersey, I was familiar with sand dunes, but nothing prepared me for this.

Pristine sand dunes

There were acres upon acres (above) of nearly pristine golden sand dunes without one footprint or tire track.

There were areas set aside (below) for ATVs and related vehicles where there was ample evidence of use!

dunes with tire tracks made by ATVs

I could no longer resist the temptation to trek uphill!

Jeff runs up the hill to make tracks in the sand

Our rental car seemed so far away from atop of the sand dune.

Rental car seems far away from atop the dunes

Other sections of the park had dunes nestled along the ocean which were equally beautiful and beckoned us to take a walk.

Dune grasses along the beach

The ocean breeze was brisk as noted by the leaning grasses!

steep cliffs along the shoreline

A look to the north along the beach

I am hoping the panorama below offers a better sense of the scope and beauty of the sand dunes. They were very impressive indeed!

panorama of the sand dunes


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