Hiking Sticks at the Apache Wash Trail – Phoenix

In January, 2015 my brother-in-law was with us and we decided to go for a short hike. The recently opened Sonoran Desert Drive seemed a likely place to visit as we had passed the Apache Wash trailhead that looked inviting.

We enjoyed a short hike up part of the mountain trail and I was able to capture a couple of pictures of a Red-tailed Hawk, nothing great, but enough for an ID.

After we had finished our short hike (we did not do the entire trail), we headed back to the trailhead where I snapped the picture below of two hiking sticks. They must be hiking sticks if they are wearing hiking shoes; right?

Hiking Sticks - Humor

Anyway, I thought this was a funny picture and I wonder whether the footwear was ever reclaimed by its rightful owner.

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Video – Bell the Cat

Cat videos have surely taken on a life of their own on the Internet and the segment below shows one reason why. The video is simplicity itself, but it is entertaining and somewhat captivating. I have one suggestion below the video. I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

Notes From the Video – Pavlov’s Humans: Adorable video shows cats ‘training scientist’ to bring them food every time they ring a bell

NOTE – I wonder what would have happened if ringing the “other cat’s bell” would have yielded more treats? Would they have learned to ring only the other bell?

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Family with Cat -A- Tude

As JBRish readers know, I am fond of collecting and sharing vanity license plates from the state of Arizona; my home state. While out-and-about one day, I came across the picture below.

It wasn’t the license plate that caught my eye, but the number of pets this family ostensibly has. This family has quite a menagerie which might not be that unusual. I was somewhat puzzled, however, in deciding how many cats they have. Do they have just one cat with many moods? Do they have two cats which each have various moods? Or, oh my gosh, could they have six cats?!

If it is the latter, I want to know their budget and logistics for buying kitty litter!

Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

How many cats in this family

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