Taliesin West Evening Tour Photo Essay

Part 9

On the way to the Cabaret Theater, we walked past the room pictured in the two photos below. It appears to be a mixture of formal and informal touches designed for meeting and/or eating.

Apparent mixed-decor meeting or dining area
This room appeared to be a mixed-decor meeting or dining area

Apparent mixed-decor meeting or dining area

The evening tour ended with a final visit to the Cabaret Theater. This is an area (below) where movies were shown or smaller concerts held.

The Cabaaret Theater
The Cabaaret Theater – overwhelmingly red

Geometric lighting fixture in the Cabaret Theater
Once again we notice a Geometric lighting fixture in the Cabaret Theater

NOTE – Keep in mind that this series represents only a partial exploration of the evening tour at Taliesin West. There was much more included with many stories and insights offered. The docent was very experienced and knowledgeable.

We will end this photo essay with a quote by Wright himself:

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


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