Photography: As Shot – Fall Colors

Fall colors of leaves - Oak Creek Canyon, AZ

This is the time of the year when certain areas are transitioning between fall and winter and much of the fall color is now gone. In the desert we don’t have a dramatic change of season. When we want to get a sense of fall, we head north to one of our other favorite areas.

The picture above was taken at the West Fork of Oak Creek, just north of Sedona, AZ. While the post on Instagram doesn’t show the entire frame nor the degree of detail, I thought this was a season-worthy photograph to share with the additional clarity and explanation.

File Name: DSCF0045.RAF
Capture time: 12:01:07 PM
Capture date: November 9 2015
Exposure: 1/80 sec @ f/6.5
Focal Length: 215m
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Lens: 4.3-215mm
Edited in Lightroom

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Video – Holiday Season Messages – Poignant, Witty, Funny

I found this video to be entertaining and engaging which is quite something for an advertisement. I am sure that some may deem it a bit hokey, but if viewed in light of the season, I think you will find it cute, humorous or poignant depending upon your mood at the time or your general disposition.

I watched it and thought of a couple of subtexts:

  • “Can’t we all just get along?!” – Rodney King
  • “Some of the best things in life are simple.”
  • “You never know what effect you will have on someone or something.”
  • “Live and learn.”

And I am sure this list goes on. If you can think of a witty, poignant or thought-provoking subtext, why not add it in the comment section? originally published this post

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