SignEdge: Dirty Driving

You might have read the story of my first off-roading experience HERE. I came to realize that there is a strong culture among off-roaders and they are fiercely protective of their passion for seeing hard-to-reach places.

Among those who share this hobby/sport there is apparently a subclass of women off-roaders who have a very spunky attitude.

While I was shopping the other day, a large purple Jeep caught my eye. The color was very unusual and it had a number of decals on the rear window. Among those decals was one that said “Super Girl.”

Upon closer inspection, I found the following attitudinal off-roading images:

“Buckle up I Want to Try Something”


“Don’t Follow Me You Won’t Make It”


And my favorite…

“Yours May Go Fast But Mine Can Go Anywhere”


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