Taliesin West Evening Tour Photo Essay

Part 8

What motivates many people to take tours such as that offered at Taliesin West, is the interesting discoveries that await. There are so many nooks and crannies at Wright’s Arizona estate, that one never knows what will be found in the next room or just around the corner.

The picture below shows a detailed oriental sculpture that sat upon a dentil shelf in the Kiva Room that was used for conferences, etc. This evening they served cookies and juice.

The Kiva conference roo
A detail from the Kiva (conference room)

Taliesin has its own Music Pavilion.

The Pavilion theater
The Music Pavilion

This mural (below) in the Music Pavilion is called “City by the Sea” which some explain was Frank Lloyd Wright’s interpretation of the Chicago skyline.

City by the Sea mural in the Music Pavilion
City by the Sea mural in the Music Pavilion


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