Pickleball News – 20190501 – Archived Version

Pickleball News – 20190501 – Archived Version

Hello Phoenix Area Players:

Archived Version of a Previous Newsletter

This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!

Here is the latest N. Phoenix Area Pickleball News


2019 Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships
********** Videos via Pickleball Channel **********

This is an exciting time in the world of pickleball. The 2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships are currently underway. Last year there were YouTube Videos of some of the top matches and for those players who might be interested, the Pickleball Channel has begun to place some of the 2019 videos from key matches online. You can see the video du jour HERE. [ At the web page, click on the graphic to see the video ] The video changes day-by-day and perhaps more often.

See the other scheduled matches under the graphic.

I am just passing along this information to members of our email list as a service to our PB community. I am not directly associated with the Pickleball Channel or any entity involved.


********** A Fun Thing! **********

In addition, the publisher of Pickleball Magazine (digital edition free with USAPA membership) has sent a “catalogue” of many current pickleball paddles, balls, bags and various other accessories. It is fun to review to see what is available similar to the legendary, but now defunct, Sears Catalog.

There are also two articles in the magazine which might be of interest. One is “Choosing the Right Paddle” (pp.11-13); a question I am asked many times.

When you think about it, a very important component of each and every pickleball game is the ball itself, however I think that most of us tend to take it for granted. You might be interested to read about “The Evolution Of the Ball and How It’s Going to Impact Your Game” (pp.49-51). I think you will find it enlightening and perhaps we will all look a little bit longer at those holes the next time we pick up a ball to serve.

Click HERE for the catalogue.


********** Archived Versions of Previous Newsletters **********


Previous newsletters that may have pickleball hints, videos, rules changes, etc. are now archived at the following link. You can check out previous newsletters there.
Archived N. Phoenix PB Previous Newsletters

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Picture Courtesy of Pickleball Magazine and the USAPA


********** That’s All for Now **********

I hope to see you on the courts!


Jeff Ross

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