JBRish reaches a milestone!

Admittedly JBRish is a very “small” website. The traffic has grown very slowly, but I do receive an average of 50 views a day. There are some days that far exceed that number and others that go down as low as the 30’s.

Early in the morning JBRish had 49999 views

It was exciting to see that JBRish.com was approaching the 50,000 view threshold and I caught the screen shot just in time!

This site is not monetized and is strictly a labor of love. The impetus for JBRish was my enjoyment of quotes, quips, photography, hiking and gardening.

Then one day I was trying to explain pickleball to a woman who was recovering from knee surgery. Pickleball does have some “unusual” rules and components and it was very difficult to give a complete description. The idea to include a pickleball page on my website was born. Not only do I use that page (and website) for general pickleball information, but it helps me to be a better USAPA pickleball ambassador.

I am happy to announce to JBRish readers that yesterday was a “red letter day” for us. We reached the 50,000 view benchmark. I know there are websites that have this many views every day or every few days, but this is a nice step for a personal blog like JBRish.

Arriving home from a variety of tasks, the 50,000 view threshold had been reached!

Arriving home from a variety of tasks, the 50,000 view threshold had been reached!

On the day I wrote about editing photographs taken with my Fuji X-T2 camera, the site received the most views, but I hope I can write another article soon that will top even that one. It will be hard, but it’s a worthy goal!

Thanks to all of JBRish readers, visitors, etc. I hope to continue to provide interesting information, quotes, quips, photography posts and of course, information about pickleball.


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