Video – Italian Coast Guard Saves a Kitten

We have had several cats as pets and anyone who has had a relationship with a cat can tell you that there is definitely a type of “yin and yang” to that relationship. Most cats, and this included ours, are fairly aloof although they do like attention when they want it and on their terms.

Cats can be very funny as they show tremendous courage on one hand and can be afraid of their shadow on the other. We do find them to be lovable as long as one can accept their distant character. (This is a generalization and of course there are exceptions!)

The video below shows members of the Italian Coast Guard resuscitating a kitten that was in danger of drowning. While it looks more like a wet rat during the recovery phase, the other pictures show how cute it is.

These coast guardsmen should be commended for showing such humanity in giving a high level of importance to this relatively incidental life when compared to the human trauma they see on a daily basis. This is one lucky kitten!

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