Vide-Ohs: Amazing Hummingbirds

I feel fortunate to live in an area that attracts quite a few hummingbirds and some are year-round residents. The beautiful video below has some magnificent footage of these aerial acrobats.

Just as fascinating are all the facts about hummingbirds. Did you know they have the largest heart per animal size?

From the video’s website:

Over 20 amazing Facts about Hummingbirds. Slow motion footage of the hummingbird in Full HD. Great for school nature projects. Watch hummingbirds fly in ULTRA slow motion. Watch the humming bird (the hummer) hover and fly backwards in slow motion. Videos of hummingbird babies (chicks) being fed. Learn about the hummingbird tongue and it’s eating habits. Discover how fast it’s heart beats and how fast it’s wings beat.

The white hummingbird can be leucistic or albino. The leucistic hummingbird has partial loss of pigmentation so it’s not totally white and can be a little patchy in places. The very rare albino hummingbird is totally white with pink eyes, beak and feet.

The colibri (hummingbird) is a sacred bird for the Taino Indians because it is a pollinator and as such, brings life.


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