There’s cold and There’s COLD!

It is hard to believe that anyone who has browsed the Internet over the last three days has not seen this picture, shown below courtesy of a screen shot from the website of Michael Davies.

Apparently they tried an experiment of taking a number of thermoses filled with hot tea and tossing them in the air in an area near the Arctic Circle where temperatures are thirty degrees below zero; now that is cold!

This is what happens to the hot tea when it is swirled in an arc at such cold temperatures.

Hot tea freezing in mid-air at 30 degrees below zero

You can read the rest of the story and more details on the Gizmodo page where I saw this picture for the umpteenth time… well maybe not quite that many times!

I hope you had a good holiday!

Be back soon with more quotes and interesting information.

Thanks to phtographer Michael Davis for providing the world with this beautiful and outstanding photograph:

See his portfolio here or his Flickr page here.

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