Photography of the Italian Eye

The Painter Constructs, The Photographer Discloses

Photography is a significant interest of mine and to stay motivated and informed, I follow quite a few photography blogs. Through these blogs, I become aware of other photographers and their work. I am awe struck by the photography talent that is exhibited across the globe.

If you like unique, insightful, intimate and often very beautiful photography, I urge you to visit the site of Danilo Piccioni, The Italian Eye. You Won’t be disappointed!

Guitar player in the bathtub

You don’t have to leave the home page of the website to understand that Danilo is not only talented, but he brings a fresh new perspective to the art form.

It was difficult to pick just a small sample of Mr. Piccioni’s work to demonstrate his breadth and scope, but these are some of the shots I found interesting.

In the picture below, which is the master? Can you feel the bond between these two lives?

Man and Dog Relationship - Love

Two young girls, perhaps sitting together on a train, might be sharing a secret. This is a truly intimate look at friends being deeply connected. I can feel the intensity both in the telling and in the listening.

Best Friends Share Secrets

Danilo certainly understands how to capture female beauty. Without being blatant, the picture expresses sensuality; they eyes, yes the eyes! She is looking at you! The trick here, as in his other photos, is that the picture reveals to the viewer more than is actually shown.

They Eyes of Beauty

Oh…this cat. “What are you looking at?” the cat might be thinking. Don’t you love the lighting and the colors? Where do those stairs lead? Does anybody own this cat?

Marmalade Cat Has Attitude

I want to thank Danilo Piccioni/The Italian Eye for allowing me to use the images for this post. It is a pleasure to be able to learn from so many gifted photographic artists!

If you do nothing else at the website,, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see:

Here is a magazine format small selection of my work for your enjoyment, click on EXPAND and start flipping thru the pages.”

And click and expand the pictures presented in large format in all their beauty and often juxtaposed thematic presentations. I couldn’t help but be inspired.

A True Artist Is Not One Who Is Inspired, But One Who Inspires Others

All Photographic Rights are reserved by Danilo Piccioni and the Italian Eye originally published this post