Pickleball: Kitchen Basics & Myths

As a Pickleball Ambassador for the N. Phoenix area and community center instructor, I am often surprised by the following questions:

  • 1. Can you go into the Non Volley Zone (NVZ) or Kitchen before the ball bounces in it?

  • 2. How long can you stay in the NVZ?

  • 3. Can both players on a team be in the NVZ at the same time?

This leads me to wondering: How many people know the correct answers? If you have any doubts about the answers to the questions posed above, the video below might be of interest to you!

Three Myths About Being in the Kitchen | Pickleball 411

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Pickleball (Video): Base – Line / Serve and Stay

Avoid service creep!


While this may seem like a rather simple video, it delivers an important message. While I see this problem more with beginning players, it also happens from time-to-time with more advanced players. Some pickleballers develop this behavior as a habit and then it is hard to break.

One of the keys to winning pickleball is to hit the ball low at your opponents feet. This type of shot is more difficult to return effectively. Nobody wants to be in “no man’s land” because that exposes the player to having the ball land precisely in this hard to return area.

After serving, don’t meander toward the net until after the return of serve is played otherwise the opposing team has a chance for a hard return at your feet. The video is very persuasive as Mark Renneson of Third Shot Pickleball, shows how the best players remain behind or very near the baseline until after they have returned serve.

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