Video: Tennis Players, Pickleball Isn’t so Bad!

Pickleball is growing across the United States and the world. There were a significant number of new pickleball courts developed in the US last year and many tennis centers are embracing pickleball as a companion sport.

This gives some tennis players the opportunity to try both sports and many have made pickleball part of their athletic routines. Watch the video below to see how the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club made the transition.

From the YouTube Page:

“Yes, pickleball and tennis can thrive and flourish together! At the world renowned Bobby Riggs Tennis Club, owners and tennis pros Steve and Jennifer Dawson decided to add pickleball to their tennis club which not only added revenue to the organization but has enhanced the community and members’ experience. Watch a heartwarming story about this tennis club and how the Dawson family took a chance on pickleball and ended up completely embracing the sport. The Dawsons aren’t planning on giving up tennis, but by adding pickleball, they’ve given their tennis club new life and have created a unique community that opens doors for additional opportunity and community for BOTH sports.”


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