Video: Hummingbirds in Slow Motion (Amazing)

I found the video below quite mesmerizing and I think you will as well. I have to admit up front that I am a bird person. I enjoy casual birdwatching and photographing the wide variety of avian creatures nature has gifted to us.

What makes this video so interesting, in my opinion, is not only the exotic variety of intriguing, colorful, tropical hummingbirds, but also the slow motion style that reveals their elegant movements.

ALSO…please read my note below.

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Video: Train of Thought – Not!

This is a slow motion video of an Amtrak Train coming into a station that has snow-covered tracks. Prior to starting this film, I understood that when the train entered the area where the snow was on the tracks that it would be thrown hither and yon or helter skelter; take your pick.

I am not sure why a couple of people close to the camera’s POV refused to move until it was too late. What were they thinking? What was their train of thought?

Credit where credit is due – I first saw this video on Petapixel at this link Slow-Motion: Amtrak Train vs. Snow