Taking the Cake – Septuagenarian Surprise

We all mark our lives by celebrating and recounting our lifetime milestones. Important dates like first birthday, first words, first steps, first day in school, graduation, first job, weddings, etc. are often given this disitinction.

Our best friends surprised my wife (and me too), by helping us celebrate a very special milestone. Last month my wife became a Septuagenarian. While this may not seem very remarkable nowadays, we feel very blessed and grateful!

My wife likes to celebrate the “Month of My Birth” and so we do just that. This year, however, because of our schedules, the month became six weeks.

One way we celebrate birthdays with our best friends is that we take each other out for dinner at a fine restaurant.

Well…little did we know that when we arrived at their house that there was a big surprise in store for us. While anticipating going for dinner, we walked into the house and stepped into the kitchen to a huge crescendo of “SURPRISE”!

M & L arranged for a wonderful surprise party to mark this very special occasion. It was amazing because nobody in our friendship circle let slip the fact that this shindig was in progress. We were happy and thrilled to see all of our friends and to have them celebrate with us. I could go on and on about the wonderful food, wine, snacks, etc., but what I wanted to make certain to share with JRBrish readers is this…

70th birthday amazing quilt cake

It is hard to believe that this birthday cake is completely edible. My wife is an avid quilter and the baker/artist incorporated the love of quilting into this remarkable confection.

It may be hard to see, but notice the threads around the edges of the cake. The “quilt” on the left is a work of art in itself. The decorator even took care to draw designs on the serving board. It seems that no detail was overlooked.

Don't needle the quilter about turning 70!

Our best friends created a slogan especially for this occasion and it appears on the placard in the upper, right-hand corner; Don’t needle the quilter about turning 70! The customized cocktail napkins were also adorned with the slogan! Wow, 70! This was such a creative and fun party!

Thank you M & L for a most memorable evening and celebratory occasion!


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Kitten Kaboodle

My wife and I have had a couple of cats as pets and I must admit that dogs ARE more lovable and warm and fuzzy, but there is still something quite attractive and mysterious about cats.

Our last cat was Kitty Carlisle (KC) named after a popular TV and game show personality of the 1950’s – 60’s. I guess I am showing my age a bit here. At first when we mentioned the name of the cat some people who were a bit older would smile knowingly. Now we rarely get any recognition whatsoever so it is just a cute cat name.

Here is a picture of Carlisle enjoying her favorite pastime and perhaps a favorite of every cat!

Kitty Carlise, our cat, napping

KC didn’t always sleep. Sometimes she just rested. Here she is in an open fall window enjoying the last warm breezes of autumn. Yes, that is a towel under her. You wouldn’t want her to lay down on a hard, uneven window sill would you?

Kitty Carlisle resting in an open window.

If you happened to walk in on her and disturb her routine such as when cleaning herself while sitting in the papasan chair, she would stare you down.

Kitty Carlisle staring from the papasan chair

One of her very favorite times was when my wife would bring a towel straight from the clothes dryer to assure that she had a warm cozy place to…what else…Nap!

Kitty Carlisle under a warm towel straight from the dryer

We also enjoy cartoons, drawings, poems and other creative works featuring cats and lucky for me, I live with a quilter. If you are not familiar with Laurel Burch, she has some fantastic, multi-colored and often nearly psychedelic designs. As luck would have it, I think she liked cats too.

Here is one of her squares of a cat family with a very loving kitten.

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

Momma cat and Tom have a young one of their own. Please forgive the wayward thread.

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

This conservative cat family seems very organized and I guess they have a routine.

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

This block pays homage to multiple births among cats.

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

This family group seems a bit blue!

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

This is cat couple and child seem very much in love!Once again, please forgive the wayward threads.

Laurel Burch Cat Quilt Square

Although Kitty Carlisle is no longer with us, her spirit remains strong within us and we still have a feline affinity, as you can probably tell.


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