Pickleball: Acquiring and Maintaining the Offense

During a game of pickleball, as you are engaged in the quest for points or a side out, how often are you aware of what I will call your “position of engagement”? Do you know if you are in an offensive, defensive or neutral position?

It may be important for you to understand the difference between these different situations because they should affect your strategy at any given moment in a game.

You might correctly assume that the best position to be in is an offensive one, but what does that mean and how do you get there?

To quote from an article by Sarah Ansboury:

“A big part of thinking offensively is being aware of what position you are in. Defense….neutral…offense. It is difficult to make an effective offensive shot if, at the time, you are in a defensive position. I often see players trying to come up with a marvelous winner when, in fact, they are in a defensive position with only a 50/50 chance of hitting a winner or an error.”

Sarah then goes on to explain her thoughts about the best way to get to an offensive position if you are not currently there.

Learn more about this important and perhaps less considered topic by reading the full article at this link:

Pickleball Defense, Neutral, Offense: Positions You Need to Know


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