Best Day of Televised Pickleball – Peachtree Classic

During COVID, I had very little court time with pickleball and this was the motivation for me to watch matches on YouTube.

Recently, I watched the final matches of the Peachtree Classic and the commentators said that this was probably the best display of championship pickleball ever streamed/televised. I couldn’t agree more!

The lineup for the finals:

  • Women’s Singles Final: Callie Smith vs. Anna Leigh Waters

  • Men’s Doubles Final: Ben Johns & Collin Johns vs. Matt Wright & Riley Newman

  • Women’s Doubles Final: Anna Bright & Jessie Irvine vs. Anna Leigh Waters & Leigh Waters

  • Mixed Doubles Final: Ben Johns & Anna Leigh Waters vs Riley Newman & Catherine Parenteau

  • Men’s Singles Final: Julian Arnold vs. JW Johnson

For those who are curious, you can check player rankings at the Professional Pickleball Association.

One thing for sure, the sport of Pickleball is maturing and the long-dink rally is slowly disappearing and the hard-core bangers seem to be taking over. The reflexes exhibited by the players in these contests are amazing.

So…if you are interested in watching excellent pickleball, this video has over seven hours of pickleball magic.

I don’t think most people would elect to watch the entire video in one sitting. If you are not familiar with YouTube videos, check the section below with hints regarding how to watch YouTube videos and use the controls.

Peachtree Classic – Championship Sunday


Some things to note:

  • Pay attention to those matches where the momentum seems to change. This happens in all sports. It is hard to measure, but one point, one play or one tug on the emotions can shift the momentum of the contest.
  • Note how players/teams change strategies when they find that their style of play is not winning.
  • I never appreciated the importance of “stacking” and how certain players are better at one side of the court than the other because of the location of the stronger backhand or forehand. I don’t think most recreational players do much stacking, but is interesting to watch the pros.
  • I also enjoy learning the names of some of the shots: the ATP (Around the Post), the Ernie, the Bert and the Scorpion.

This video has more than 56,000 views. That many pickleball fans can’t be wrong!!

Check this YouTube website for additional tournament videos!

Hints about watching PB on YouTube

To start the video, click on the right facing arrow in the middle of the screen.

When the video linked above starts to play, if you point to the bottom of the video frame, a line appears (this can be yellow or red). You will then see a variety of controls which are explained below in the diagrams.

Here are some other controls you should know if you are not familiar with watching videos on your computer.

From time-to-time YouTube will provide the option for the viewer to skip the current add by placing a link like the one below. Click that to return to the video if so desired.


If you stop the video for a break, note the time stamp indicated by the red line. The number of elapsed minutes/hours will show. Write that down in the event you have to find that place when you next start the video. Do this each time you are going to take a break of more than ten minutes or so.

Don’t worry if you forget. Viewers can start the video and click and drag the right-edge of the red line to move the video back and forth to find the desired location, i.e. any place in the video.

Once you click on the start arrowhead, the icon at the bottom left of the video frame changes to two short vertical lines. That is the “universal symbol” to stop a video. You can click on that whenever you want to pause or stop the video.

To start the video once again, just click the right facing arrowhead.

I hope you enjoy these matches as much as I did. Although we may never approach the skills exhibited in these matches, it is grand to see what can be done by some of the best players in the world!

Happy Viewing – Jeff Ross, Pickleball Enthusiast


Pickleball – You Make the Call – 20181016 – NVZ Partner Grab

You and your partner are involved in a multi-shot exchange at the non-volley zone with the other team. After a couple of exchanges a ball is hit to your partner and he volleys it. In the act of the volley he begins to “teeter” toward the NVZ and it becomes apparent that the is going to step into the NVZ.

According to USAPA rules, it would be a fault if a player’s momentum forces him to step into the NVZ after a successful volley.

Would it be legal, according to USAPA rules, for you to grab your partner to pull him back to avoid his entering the NVZ after such a volley?

Leave your answer in the comment section! The answer will be presented next week (+/-) in a follow-up post.


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