Pickleball – Square the Body to the Ball

pickleball with arrows in all directions

In a previous post (see it here), I related how Sarah Ansboury suggests we can focus on keeping our eye on the ball and that is a good thing. Having our eye on the ball is not the only thing we need to do. What comes next? We need to be ready to return a ball that is headed toward us. In the video below, Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports brings us to the next step in hitting a successful return.

Mark explains how it helps to keep our body square to the ball, i.e. face the direction of the ball that is on the other side of the net. If it comes our way, we will be better prepared for a backhand or a forehand.

Watch the video for a clear demonstration…



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Pickleball: Spot Drops, Deb Harrison

SOME NOTES: The audio is a bit low in parts of this video, so listen closely and turn up the sound. Deb reviews the variety of dinks already covered in previous videos; see the elephant dink here:

Deb Harrison shows us how to get the opponent out of their comfort zone by changing the type of dinks used. One drill she demonstrates is the hot spot drill where she can go anywhere with her dinks, but her two practice partners need to keep the ball on her half of the court.

Another very important point that is reinforced is to FACE THE BALL when you can!

“Having the ability to place your pickleball dinks at different spots on the court, moving your opponent out of their comfort zone, is critically important to improving your game. Learn how to drill to hone this skill.”