Train Vide-Oh: Drone On – Flight of the Year?

I must say up front that I know nothing about flying a drone or taking pictures or movies with one. All I can say is that many of the blogs I follow have examples of drone usage and some of them are absolutely stunning.

I don’t want to address any of the legal issues of this phenomenon, but I do want to share a video with you that shows some of the skills users have developed in flying these amazing technological wonders.

I don’t know what all these words mean – Gapping, Perching or Powerlooping, but I am sure if you watch this video you will see examples of them. If the video is a bit long for you, you can get a good flavor of it and see most of the moves if you start at the 2:15 mark.

Whether you approve of drones, like, dislike, etc., you will probably have to admit that it takes much skill to do all of this with a flying machine.


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Trey Ratcliff’s Drone Photography in London – Seven Dials

T. Ratcliff Drone Shot of Seven Dials-London


The picture above was a screen shot taken from Trey Ratcliff’s video below. It is of an area in London referred to as Seven Dials. Here is what Wikipedia reports about the area:

“Seven Dials is a small road junction in Covent Garden in the West End of London where seven streets converge. At the centre of the roughly circular space is a pillar bearing six sundials, a result of the pillar being commissioned before a late stage alteration of the plans from an original six roads.”

If you are interested in how Trey uses a drone to get some amazing pictures, the video below shows his team in action in London. Drones, of course, are not always popular and have gotten some negative press of late, but no one can deny the awesome views they enable.