STATUS QUOtes — 20160312

“When everyone is somebody, then no one’s anybody.” — W. S. Gilbert

“It is strange that only extraordinary men make the discoveries which later appear so easy and simple.” — George C. Lichtenberg

“Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” — Dee Hock

“If government were a product, selling it would be illegal.” — P. J. O’Rourke originally published this post

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STATUS QUOtes — 20150610

“I had to remove knowledge to make room for belief.” — Immanuel Kant

“Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains.” — Democritus

“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.” — Dee Hock

“History does not always repeat itself. Sometimes it just yells, ‘Can’t you remember anything I told you?’ and lets fly with a club.” — John W. Campbell Jr.