Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 88 (Mariposa Lily – Hetch Hetchy)

Mariposa Lily at Hetch HetchyMariposa Lily at Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite NP

One of the wonders of Hetch Hetchy when we visited in early June, 2016 was the fields of wildflowers still blooming in large numbers enveloping the Wapama Falls Trail at times. Among them was the Mariposa Lily pictured above. As you can note from the photograph it wasn’t alone on this canvas as other wildflowers were vying for attention all around.

If you look closely, you can see an insect in the bottom-right of the flower. It is yellow and black and the antennae can be seen raising above the insect.

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*All photographs Copyright by Jeffrey B. Ross with all rights reserved.

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Meta Data – Day 88 YOY – Year of Yosemite

File Name: 0426.CR2
Capture time: 12:02:50 PM
Capture date: June 11, 2016
Exposure: 1/160 sec @ f/6.3
Focal Length: 46mm
ISO 100
Canon SX50 HS