Vide-Ohs: HS Dance Magic via the Wizard of OZ

To think that this performance was executed by high school students is astounding! This would be impressive if it were performed professionally on Broadway or at a Las Vegas venue. Everyone involved with this production should be saluted.

The choreography, dancing, scenery, etc. is wonderful and very well done. You will soon forget this was a hs gymnasium and I can guarantee that if you enjoy dancing and music, you will savor this masterpiece.


From the YouTube page notes:

The PAC dance team at homecoming Assembly-Wizard of Oz theme Walden Grove High School, Sahuarita Arizona Coach:

Kristi Lopez Assistant Coach: Kathya Quihuiz Choreography: Kristi Lopez ft. Cori Anderson, Quincy Harmon, and Malina DeSouza Props: Kristi Lopez, Kathya Quihuiz, and Carlos Quihuiz


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Funny Bears Video – Natural Humor

Bears often find trees to use as scratching posts. Those who study bears will often place wire on trees they understand are popular with the bears to harvest the hair and analyze DNA for tracking information, etc. We don’t often get to see the bears enjoying themselves so much, but I think you will also enjoy this humorous video that is accompanied by a very fitting musical score.

From the YouTube Video Listing:

Published on Nov 11, 2016

Sometimes bears have an itch they just have to scratch! Episode two details below. The second episode of Planet Earth II focuses on mountains.

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· UK, BBC1 13th Nov, Sunday, 8pm
· Nordics (BBC Earth channel), 13th Nov, Sunday, 8pm

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