Lifehack: A Well-Placed Dot

Sometimes a very simple thing can help make life a bit easier. I find a well-placed dot has the potential to make my daily activities more efficient. Below is just one example. The two vials below are the same shape and size and I use them every day to distribute vitamins for my wife and myself.

By looking at the tops of the containers, it is easy to see which is which. BTW, I also have a dot on the bottom of the pill container that has the dot on the top. In that way, I make sure the tops and bottoms stay together to avoid any cross-contamination of medications and vitamins.

Of course the mark doesn’t have to be a dot. It can be a small triangle or any tag. Any marking that helps the user decide between two choices can be helfpul.

Take this plug for example. Notice that the larger, wider prong (neutral) is on the right. And there is no marking on the plug itself.

For the record, here is the other side of the same plug, this time with the wider prong on left to show the other side of the plug.

I use a hot water kettle almost every morning and when I am in the middle of my morning regimen, sometimes without my glasses on, having a mark on the side of the plug that should be up when plugging the kettle into the outlet saves me time and helps expedite my routine.

It doesn’t have to be pretty (which is a good thing), just functional.


Take this legacy iPad USB connector that I still use with my aged device. The USB connector on the left needs to be aligned just right with the wall plug adapter.

Like any USB plug-connector, there is a part that is open and a part that is blocked. Notice the upper, light (white) piece of plastic on top.

I placed a red triangle on the top part of the plug.

The USB cord is now much easier to match up when connecting.


When driving home at night, I use my remote garage door opener as I am approaching and if it is dark, it is not always easy to locate the button for my car’s bay. A white piece of tape on the remote, helps me find the correct button.

Do you have use for a dot, triangle or other mark to ease or expedite your routines?


NOTE – Before anyone else beats me to it, I will be the first to admit that this is not earth-shaking news and perhaps many JBRish readers have already figured this out. If you have other unique, useful marking solutions, why not leave it in a comment below!


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