Pickleball Video- Not All Backhand Volleys Are Equal

Many beginning players have difficulty with their backhand, but very often they manage to develop a fairly reliable backhand groundstroke. That is the good news.

The bad news is that there is more than one type of backhand shot and to be a top player, you may need to develop several different techniques for the backhand volley. The video below shows backhand options for players in a position to hit a volley.

The two volley techniques demonstrated are:

  • The backspin soft shot that can be effective in putting the opponents in a vulnerable position.
  • The topspin shot which keeps the ball low and difficult to return.

Watch Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports demonstrate these techniques.

NOTE – It has been my experience that if I hit a “good” topspin backhand at the net, the ball has a tendency to stay low and will “skip” (take a very low bounce) which frustrates opponents.

Hint – You can read the comments below the video for further clarification.

Thanks to Mark Rennison and Third Shot Sports for producing this informative video.

Pickleball – You Make the Call – 20170323 – Take It for a Spin!

Team X and Team Y are engaged in a back-and-forth rally when at one point, a player from team Y hits a ball with much backspin over the net onto team X’s side of the court. A player from team X runs toward the ball, which is close to the net, but cannot quite get to it before the ball bounces back over the net onto team Y’s side.

Recap of essential points: – A player from team Y originally hit the ball with backspin and it was not touched by any player on team X before the ball bounced back over the net.

According to the official pickleball rules, what happens in the above scenario? Is there a fault? Is it a do-over? Does any team score a point?

Leave your answer in the comment section! The answer will be presented next week (+/-) in a follow-up post.


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