Video – Butterflies and Turtle Eyes

The video below captured in the Peruvian Amazon explains the relationship between several varieties of butterflies and the turtles that provide them with a very important resource. Do you know what it might be?


More Vide – Ohs

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Halloween Fun – Amazon Costume Challenge

Have some Halloween Fun by Trying to Guess the Specific Name for This Costume!

Amazon box Halloween Fun
Can you guess the name of this costume? HINT – It is an Amazon PRIME Box!! See below to find out!
Picture courtesy of Amazon via Twitter

Be creative this Halloween by using a big box or a bunch of small boxes as part of your costume. Can you guess what this person’s costume is? Probably not what you are thinking.

Click Here and Highlight this whole line to see Prime Rib!

Don’t blame me, this is from Amazon. By the way, they are having an Amazon Prime Costume Challenge. You can read the details at the link below.

Amazon Prime Challenge Link

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Halloween is in the Air – Fun

Skeleton Cowboy
Big Box Stores Have Geared Up For Halloween

Halloween in the Southwest has a special flavor to it. There are certain variations on the theme. This skeleton horse and cowboy at one of our local big box stores (can you guess which one?) is just one example.

Halloween for the Where’s Waldo crowd…

A more traditional activity for holiday fun had Amazon (@amazon) post the picture below on twitter. There is one yellow M&M among the candy corn and the viewer is asked to find it. I don’t want to brag, but I found it in less than a minute; can you?

Yellow M&M among the Candy Corn @amazon
Can you find the yellow M&M among the candy corn?

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