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“Platitudes? Yes, there are platitudes.
Platitudes are there because they are true.”

— Margaret Thatcher —



Today’s STATUS QUOtes


“The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten thousand truths.” — Aleksandr Pushkin

“Arm yourself with wisdom, arm yourself with knowledge; folly is a fierce lion roaming the streets.” — Matshona Dhliwayo

“My definition of an entrepreneur is simple. One hundred people look at the same herd of goats. Ninety-nine see goats. One sees a cashmere sweater. And the alertness of the one isn’t due to data analytics. It stems from a willingness and ability to look beyond and to see something more than meets the eye, and then to do something about it.” — Luke Burgis

“If your baby is beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time, you are the grandma.” — Theresa Bloomingdale



“I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.””
— Marlene Dietrich —

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