STATUS QUOtes — 20190707

Today’s STATUS QUOtes


“You can study gravity forever without ever knowing how to fly.” — Shawn Achor

“Beware the pull on your heartstrings — it’s often the purse strings that are actually being reached for.” — Barbara Mikkelson

“There are only two problems to solve when going to the moon: first, how to get there; and second, how to get back. The key is don’t leave until you have solved both problems. [ed]” — Jim Rohn

“Somebody once asked Niels Bohr why he had a horseshoe hanging above the front door of his house. Surely you, a world famous physicist, can’t really believe that hanging a horseshoe above your door brings you luck? Of course not, Bohr replied, but I have been reliably informed that it will bring me luck whether I believe in it or not.” — Arthur Koestler


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