Pickleball – You Make the Call – 20160427- Q& A

The Question:

Player A and B are involved in a rally against opponents C and D and the ball is coming their way. Player B notices that the ball is going to be short and he starts to run toward the net. He gets to the ball about halfway between the baseline and the NVZ and moving forward is able to drop the ball over the net.

The ball lands on the other side where neither player (C or D) can return it before it bounces twice. After the second bounce, however, player B’s momentum carries him into the net where he touches it.

Is this a fault on the part of player B?


The Answer according to USAPA Rules:

Below is the pertinent section from the The International Federation of Pickleball Rule Book (p. 28, Revision April 15. 2016)


7.E. A player, player’s clothing, or any part of a player’s paddle touches the net or the net post when the ball is in play.”

The operative words in the scenario described above are “before it bounces twice.” Which, according to rule 7.E., the ball was then dead and not in play so this would NOT BE A FAULT.

NOTE: This is NOT THE SAME as the NVZ where momentum cannot bring a player into the NVZ even after the ball has bounced twice, i.e. dead.


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