Pickleball Video: Oh, Oh…Move Back!

When I am playing at one of the Community Centers and I watch the games, I notice that most of the time, when a player is at the ​NVZ (net), they tend to stay there in almost every situation.

There is one school of thought that actually recommends this strategy, but there are times when it might be better to back up to give yourself more time to return a ball coming at you quickly.

Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports has video to explain why…

Pickleball Strategy: 3/4 Court Defence

If you can’t get enough of pickleball and you like to listen to podcasts (web broadcast like radio), Mark also has ​a ​Pickleball Problem show. You can download them into an app or listen to them directly from the web page

Pickleball Problems

There are some very good hints and you get to hear what ​pickleball ​problems others are having.

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