Pickleball Video: How to Avoid Hitting Out Balls

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 103
Don’t Hit Out Balls, Six Easy Rules

by Joe Baker

Joe Baker creates some of my favorite pickleball videos about many aspects of the sport. In the video below, Joe explains several steps to use to learn how to stop hitting balls that would ordinarily be out-of-bounds and thus avoid giving your opponents extra chances.

When I teach beginners how to play, I give them some of the same advice. I explain that they have to learn to use their body as a “ruler” or measuring device to know when to let the ball “fly.”

For me, this is how it goes… When I am at the non-volley zone and the ball is above my chest or higher, I let it go. If I am at mid-court and the ball is around mid-section high, I let it go. If I am standing near the baseline, such as when the other team is returning serve, if it is knee height or higher, I let it fly.

Joe Baker provides a number of good hints and he places emphasis on the fact that you need to develop this skill by playing and assessing the balls as they come towards you.

Do I make an error in judgment once in a while? You bet, but I win more points that way than I lose!


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