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Alex Hammer and Jennifer Lucore write the column Around the Post for Pickleball Magazine. In the December, 2016 issue, they wrote an article:

What Did the Gold Medalists Learn at Nationals VIII?

The article provides bits of wisdom garnered from the tournament participants. Here are two examples:

“Never stop being a student of the game: As the game and players continue to evolve so must your game; what worked last year probably won’t be enough this year. There is an endless amount of video at your fingertips; study individuals to see what mechanics and shot selections worked and which did not in each situation.”

Matt Staub – Gold: Doubles 19+; Bronze: Open Doubles & Mixed Doubles 19+

“I think the best lesson I learned was about recovering from a close loss. After you get all the way to the semi-finals or winners bracket final and you have a close loss, it’s hard to get motivated and reset for that next match. It’s never over in pickleball though so you’ve got to let that first loss go and keep fighting. In that same vein, you’re never out of a game. I came back twice from being down 10-7 (match point) in this tournament and a few other times from being 6 or 7 points behind. Just focus on playing each point well, and good things can happen.”

Daniel MooreGold: Doubles 19+ & Singles 19+; Bronze: Open Doubles & Open Singles

Due to space limitations, there were hints and ideas that could not make it into the magazine. Jennifer Lucore has published the more detailed article (including the two tidbits presented above) on her website and you can read it here:

What Did the Gold Medalists Learn at Nationals VIII?



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