Pickleball: Reflex Drill – A Ball, A Paddle and a Wall

I am one of those people who want to become a better pickleball player, but I don’t like drills; my bad! Most coaches tend to agree that proper drills will do more to help pickleballers improve than will playing games.

Having said that, I often invoke the woe is me defense: “I don’t have a drill partner! Nobody I know wants to drill.” Well, there are some drills that don’t require a partner. What they do require is the will to do them.

Let’s add this question to the “I don’t like drills” equation: “Can pickleballers develop faster reflexes?” Most of the reading I have done from the websites of certified pickleball coaches uphold the idea that reflexes can be improved, i.e. it isn’t necessarily something built into your DNA! Of course we all have physical abilities and limits. Reflexes however can be improved.

Once again I turn to PrimeTime Pickleball and Jordan Briones to show us a drill to help us develop our pickleball reflexes. Good news, all you need is a paddle, a ball and a wall – – – no partner require.

Takeaways: Start by hitting the ball higher so it will take longer to return to you. This is how to sart; slower. Once you can do that well, lower the ball a bit and it will return to you a bit faster. Continue to lower the ball as you get better.

Remember – 1) Watch the ball until it hits the paddle. 2) Hit the ball in front of your body.

I guess I don’t have as many excuses now!


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