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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – May 13, 2022

Archived Version of a Previous Newsletter


This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!


Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

Just a few things to share with members of our group.


***** City of Scottsdale *****

See the flyer linked below for the Scottsdale Dept. of Parks and Recreation. The meeting of May 24th “will be more specific to pickleball” according to the notice.

Download the Flyer HERE

This would be a good opportunity to mention the temporary courts at Thompson Peak 1) to have lines painted with a more visible color and perhaps 2) resurface a couple of the courts that have flaws in the concrete.

***** Pickleball Fire Magazine *****

For those who can’t seem to get enough of pickleball, I have recently come across Pickleball Fire Magazine. You can read it online and there is currently a free subscription.

There appears to be less adds than other similar publications.

NOTE – I like the downloaded version best for ease of reading!

Here is the link if you are interested – https://pickleballfire.com/may-2022-pickleball-fire-magazine/

***** Watching Tournaments on YouTube *****

Due to COVID restrictions and being extra careful, many players have scaled back on the amount of pickleball they are playing. I have been able to take advantage of some of that time by watching pickleball on YouTube. There seems to be a good number of tournaments being streamed/recorded.

One of my recent favorites was the Apr 14, 2022 match between Catherine Parenteau and Riley Newman against Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns.

The players in this match are all outstanding and there are a number of points that are jaw-dropping.


***** A Dark Side of Pickleball *****
Midnite Match Glow In The Dark Pickleball

If you think it might be difficult to see the ball and call shots near the lines “in” or “out,” try playing pickleball in the dark with balls and court lines that glow. Some may find it easier!

I think this would be a “walk” on the wild side.


********** That’s All for Now **********

NOTE – I will try to track down the City of Phoenix Indoor Schedule for the summer and pass that along as soon as I can.


********** That’s All for Now **********


Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross
North Phoenix
Pickleball Enthusiast

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