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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – January 6, 2022

Archived Version of a Previous Newsletter


This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!


Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

Just a few things to share with members of our group.

***** City of Phoenix *****
New Winter/Spring Pickleball Schedule

The City of Phoenix Department of Parks and Recreation has released the Winter/Spring pickleball schedule – THANK YOU!

City of Phoenix Pickleball Schedule

You can download the new schedule HERE

***** Pickleball WOW! *****

Whether you have been able to play as much as you like or not, I think you will enjoy some of the best pickleball points of the year from 2021. It is amazing to watch some of these points. How do they do it? It is almost like magic!

***** Advanced Serve Technique *****
Selkirk TV Presents Tyson McGuffin

Tyson McGuffin encourages pickleballers to work hard to gain confidence in their serves. Missing long is what he calls a “good miss.” Watch the video to find out why and gather other pointers about developing a winning serve.


1. Give yourself space behind the baseline
2. Develop a serve routine
3. Transfer your weight forward
4. Develop a spin serve
5. Avoid hitting a line drive; control pace and “shape”
6. Don’t be afraid to swing and miss

***** Thank You Players *****
at Thompson Peak for Working on the Nets

Many thanks to those players who worked to fix the nets at Thompson Peak Park. We appreciate having good equipment that helps us play regulation games and enjoy pickleball to the fullest!

********** That’s All for Now **********

Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross

North Phoenix
Pickleball Enthusiast

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